Use the following steps to upgrade your Docket plan from your iOS mobile app:

  1. Go to

  2. Click Select on Pro or Business tiers

  3. Select either Annual or Monthly above your desired plan

  4. Add your desired amount of seats

  5. Click Checkout - you will be directed to Docket's trusted payment provider, Stripe, for payment options

  6. Once all payment information is entered, click Subscribe which will redirect you back to Docket

  7. Your plan upgrade is complete! You can continue working in Docket from your browser or return to your iOS mobile app.

Tips after upgrading your Docket plan:

  • If you already have members on your team, they will automatically be notified via email that the team's Docket plan has changed.

  • If you added more seats, don't forget to invite your team members to join your Docket team.

  • Don't forget to add new team members to your Docket Channels.

  • If you haven't already, you can now share Team Templates with your team.

  • Make sure your team sets up any key integrations that help you be more successful as a team.

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