Create Docket Channels to use as a collection for related meeting content. This could be a project, department, initiative, or any category where you and your team want to see meeting results grouped together to follow progress and updates.

  1. Locate Channels on the left navigation panel.

  2. Select Create Channel.

  3. Name the Channel.

    • Channel names are all lowercase and are separated by - when spaces or numbers are applied.

    • Channels can be up to 80 characters long.

  4. Designate whether the Channel will be public or private.

    • Public

      • Available to anyone on your Docket team to join on their own accord.

      • Check "Make this a default channel for all members on this team" to automatically add all current Docket team members to the Channel as well as any future new team members.

      • Who can see this? Visible to anyone on your Docket team in the Browse Channels section and in the Channels listing in the meeting workspace.

    • Private

      • Only you can see this Channel or access the content within the Channel.

      • Invite other Docket team members to the private Channel so they too can benefit from the content posted to the Channel.

      • Who can see this? Only visible to those team members with access to the Channel by invitation. Not visible in Browse Channels or the meeting workspace for those that are not invited to the meeting.

  5. Click create Channel.

NEXT: Once a Channel is created, you can Manage Docket Channels to:

  • Create a Channel Description

  • Change the Cover Photo

  • Invite Team Members

  • Add or Remove the Channel as a Favorite

  • Mute or Unmute the Channel

  • Browse Channels

  • Edit Channels

  • Leave Channels

  • Delete Channels

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