Once you have created Channels and begun assigning them to meetings, the magic happens! Docket Channels helps you and your team stay aligned around decisions, takeaways, resources, and task assignments. Everyone will be on the same page and have insight to the ideas and solutions flowing through your meetings! Learn more about how to use Channels.

Channel Notifications

Channel Overview Tab

Channel Activity Feed Tab

Channel Tasks Tab


What are Channel notifications?

When new information is added to a Channel in which you are a member, you will be notified by a red dot on the navigation bar and on the Channel(s) where the update has occurred. Channel notifications are created when:

  • Channel team members join or leave a Channel.

  • A new recap summary has been posted to a Channel.

How to use Channel notifications.

When you see a red dot on your navigation panel, click on the red dot there to get to the Channel listing. Observe any red dots on your Channels and click to review updated content.

NOTE: If you do not wish to be notified for specific Channel updates, you can Mute the Channel.

Channels Overview Tab

What is the Channel Overview Tab?

The Channels Overview tab provides key information about the Channel including the team members of the Channel and all meetings associated with the Channel.

How to use the Channels Overview Tab.

Use this view to know which team members can view and post activities in this Channel as well as which meetings are associated to the Channel. You can also click any meeting listed and quickly jump directly to that meeting for more context.

IMPORTANT: Recurring meetings associated with the Channel will display the most recent, completed occurrence. To see previous occurrences, click the meeting the window labeled “Meetings in this Channel" and use Meeting History to view previous meeting details.

Channel Activity Feed Tab

What is the Channel Activity Feed Tab?

The Channels Activity Feed tab shows all recap summaries posted to the Channel. Recap summaries contain Decisions, Takeaways, Assigned Tasks, and Shared Resources.

When a meeting is done and a Recap is shared, any Channels associated with the meeting will receive a copy of the recap summary. This ensures all Channel team members can see the outcomes and stay on top of any assignments or initiatives as a result of the meeting.

How to use the Channels Activity Feed Tab.

Use this to monitor key meeting outcomes for awareness and alignment with your team.

  • Hover over the meeting title and click the link to access the meeting for more context. NOTE: Your email address must be on the Google/o365 calendar event in order to access the meeting.

  • Review the Decisions, Takeaways, and Assigned Tasks from the meeting.

  • Review resources including links, Google docs, and shared files from the meeting. Click to view any resources of interest. NOTE: You must have access to the meeting and the resources to view them.

  • Respond to posts with likes and reactions to cheer on your team and other creative uses.

IMPORTANT: Anyone with access to the Channel can delete Channel activity posts. While the meetings themselves are not impacted, recap summary messages included with the post will be deleted along with the post so please be sure you are not deleting anything important to other team members.

Channel Tasks Tab

What is the Channel Tasks Tab?

The Channels Task tab displays any assigned task from a meeting associated to a Channel.

How to use the Channel Tasks Tab.

Use this to monitor progress for related Channel efforts across your Docket team.

  • Sort by assignee, meeting title, or due date by hovering over the table column and clicking the arrow

  • Filter by complete, incomplete, or all tasks by using the filter icon in the upper right of the table

  • Mark a task complete or incomplete

  • Assign or change a due date by clicking on the date or Set Due Date option. Docket will take you to the meeting to assign a due date. You must have been a guest of the meeting to access the meeting and set a date.

IMPORTANT: Anyone with access to the Channel or the meeting can close a task. Please close tasks that are not assigned to you with caution and be sure the assignee is aware.

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