Docket Channels enables you and your team to create collections of related meetings, providing extensive value across your organization for critical work such as:

  • Tracking key outcomes from meetings.

  • Providing visibility on meetings from across your organization, team, or a select group so they can be aligned on progress and decisions.

  • Reducing unnecessary headcount in meetings to only those who need to be present but still providing visibility to meeting results.

  • And much more!

This document serves as a guide to quickly learn about Docket Channels. If you want to see more details, click on any of the links below to learn more.


Create Channels

Manage Channels

Add Channels to Meetings

Send Meeting Recaps to Channels

Review Channels

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Anyone on a Docket Pro or Business team can take advantage of Docket Channels.

  • It is recommended to have your entire team or organization on the same Docket team to gain the most benefit from using Docket Channels.

Create Channels

Create a Docket Channel to use as a collection for related meeting content. This could be a project, department, initiative, or any category where you and your team want to see meeting results grouped together to follow progress and updates.

  1. Locate Channels on the left navigation panel.

  2. Select Create Channel.

  3. Name the Channel. Channel names are all lowercase and are separated by - when spaces or numbers are applied.

  4. Designate whether the Channel will be public or private.

  5. Click create Channel.

IMPORTANT: Public channels will be visible by all team members within your Docket team. A public channel can either be joined by a Docket team member as they desire or set as a default Channel in which Docket team members are automatically given the Channel in their Channel listing. Private Channels are by invitation only and can only be seen throughout Docket if the team member has been invited and joined the Channel.

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Manage Channels

Once you have a Channel set up, you can add team members and other elements to customize the Channel.

Describe the Channel

To describe the Channel and help other team members know what types of meetings should be included in the Channel:

  1. When viewing the Channel, put your cursor into the section under the Channel title that says, "Describe the channel for new members."

  2. Start typing a description for the Channel.

  3. Click outside of the description box when you are finished.

Change Cover Photo

You can customize the Channel's cover image following these steps:

  1. When viewing the Channel, click the 3-dot menu on the upper right of the Channel header.

  2. Click "Change Cover Photo."

  3. Scroll through the library of cover photo options and click one to select for the Channel.

  4. Click the "Update Channel Cover" button.

Invite Team Members

Inviting team members to a Channel will enable everyone to view meeting results and tasks related to the Channel theme. To invite other team members to the Channel:

  1. When viewing the Channel, click the "Invite" button in the upper right corner.

  2. Any Docket team members not already a part of the Channel will display. Click any team members you wish to invite to the Channel.

  3. When finished with your selections, click the "Invite Member" button.

Add/Remove from Favorites

You can add any Channel you wish to have in your personal favorites list to stand out from the rest.

  1. From the Channel listing, locate the Channel you wish to set as a favorite.

  2. Hover over the Channel and click the 3-dot menu.

  3. Click to select the option "Add to Favorites."

  4. The Channel will now be listed within the Channel listing's Favorites section.

  5. To remove from favorites, follow the above steps using the "Remove from Favorites" option.

Mute/Unmute Channel

You can mute Channels to eliminate the red dot notifications on new Channel content but still have access to view the Channel as you desire.

  1. From the Channel listing, locate the Channel you wish to mute.

  2. Hover over the Channel and click the 3-dot menu.

  3. Click to select the option "Mute Channel."

  4. The Channel will now be muted. All future notifications to the Channel will be disabled.

  5. To unmute the Channel, follow the above steps using the "Un-mute Channel" option.

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Browse Channels

You can Browse public Channels available for you to join.

  1. Once in Channels, go to "Browse Channels" in the Channel listing.

  2. Scroll through the listing of available Channels or type a full or partial Channel name to locate something specific.

  3. Once the desired Channel is located, click the "Join" button.

  4. Close the panel using the "X" or click outside of the modal when you have made your desired selections.

Edit Channel

You can edit a Channel name to ensure it best describes the collection of meetings.

  1. Once in Channels, locate the Channel you wish to edit.

  2. Click the 3-dot menu on the right of the Channel.

  3. Select "Edit Channel."

  4. In the name field, enter the desired name for the Channel.

  5. Click Update info.

IMPORTANT: Any meeting assigned to the Channel will automatically receive the Channel name change and continue being a part of the Channel collection.

Leave Channel

If you no longer wish to be a part of a Channel, you can remove it from your Channel listing.

  1. Once in Channels, locate the Channel you wish to remove in the Channel listing.

  2. Click the 3-dot menu on the right of the Channel.

  3. Select "Leave Channel."

  4. The Channel will no longer be visible on your Channel listing. If the Channel is public, you can rejoin the Channel using the Browse Channels option.

Delete Channel

If a Channel is no longer needed, you can delete the Channel.

IMPORTANT: Deleting a Channel will delete the Channel for all invited team members including deletion of all recap summaries permanently within the Channel.

  1. Once in Channels, locate the Channel you wish to delete.

  2. Click the 3-dot menu on the right of the Channel.

  3. Select "Delete Channel."

  4. Confirm the deletion by clicking "Delete."

  5. The Channel will no longer be available for any team members.

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Add Channels to Meetings

Associate your single or recurring meeting to a Channel(s) to gain visibility into team meeting tasks and meeting results.

  1. From your Events on the navigation panel, select a meeting.

  2. In the meeting's header, click the "Manage Channels" button. This will open the Add Channels panel.

  3. Click inside the Add Channels box and select from public and private channels you have access to. You can select more than one Channel, depending on which groups or collections would benefit from the meeting results.

  4. If the meeting is recurring, you can choose to add a Channel to just this instance, or all of the recurring meeting's instances.

  5. When all selections have been made, close the panel by clicking the "X" or clicking outside of the panel.

  6. All selected Channels will display in the meeting header or overflow to the Add Channels Panel. Click Manage Channels if you need to see all Channels associated with the meeting.

TIP: You can click on any of the Channels in the meeting header and Docket will take you directly to that Channel.

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Send Meeting Recaps to Channels

When meetings are done, send the recap to the meeting's designated Channels to ensure Channel team members have visibility and alignment on the meeting's latest decisions, takeaways, and action items.

The following steps assume:

  • Channel(s) have already been added to the meeting

  • The meeting is complete

  • One or more decisions, takeaways, or assigned tasks have been designated in the meeting

To send a meeting recap to a channel:

  1. From the meeting's workspace, click the "Send Recap" button at the top of the meeting workspace.

  2. View the Post to channels section and review the channels the recap will post to. Channels can be disabled from this shared recap by clicking on them. Note: Disabling a Channel in the send recap modal will prevent the recap post but tasks from the meeting will still display in that Channel. To remove the Channel completely from the meeting, follow the steps in the Add Channels to Meetings section above.

  3. Personalize the Recap Summary message or use the default message. This will serve as the top of the recap summary post in the Channel activity feed. The more context or personalization, the better for those who may be reviewing the Channel post.

  4. Don't forget to review all other fields for accuracy including the Send to Attendees via Email, Send to Non-Attendees via Email, Send to CRM, and proof read the Recap Preview for accuracy.

  5. Click the "Send Recap" button.

IMPORTANT: Meetings must have one or more decisions, takeaways, or assigned tasks to have the shared recap post to a Channel's activity feed. Assigned tasks will automatically display in a Channel's activity feed.

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Review Channels

Once Channels have been established and associated to meetings, the magic happens! Within a Channel you can gain meeting visibility and insights into all of the great work, ideas, and solutions coming out of your team's meetings.


When new information is added to a Channel in which you are a member, you will be notified by a red dot on the navigation bar and on the Channel(s) where the update has occurred. Channel notifications are created when:

  • Channel team members join or leave a Channel.

  • A new recap summary posts to a Channel.

NOTE: If you do not wish to be notified for specific Channel updates, you can mute the Channel. See the section above to Mute/Un-mute the Channel.

Channels Overview Tab

The Channels Overview tab provides key information about the Channel including the team members of the Channel and all meetings associated with the Channel.

IMPORTANT: Recurring meetings associated with the Channel will display the most recent, completed occurrence. To see previous occurrences, select the meeting in the window titled "Meetings in this Channel" to use Meeting History and view previous meeting details.

Activity Feed

The Channels Activity Feed tab shows all recap summaries posted to the Channel. Recap summaries contain Decisions, Takeaways, Assigned Tasks, and Shared Resources. Use this tab to monitor key meeting outcomes for awareness and alignment with your team and respond with reactions and likes to cheer on teamwork.


The Channels Task tab displays any assigned task from a meeting associated to a Channel. Use this tab to monitor progress for related Channel efforts. Sort by assignee, meeting title, or due date, or filter by complete, incomplete, or all tasks as desired.

TIP: If no due date is assigned, click the Set Date option. Docket will take you to the meeting to assign a due date. You must have been a guest of the meeting to access the meeting within Docket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can see private Channels?

Only team members who have been invited to a private Channel can view contents within that Channel. If a Channel is private, it cannot be seen even in title on the Channel listing by a non-invited team member.

Q: Why can't I add someone as a Channel member?

Check to see if the following Is true:

  • Is the team member a member of the Channel already? Maybe they are already there in the listing.

  • Is the person you are trying to invite to the Channel a Docket team member? They must be on your Docket team to be in the list to invite to a Channel.

Q: Why didn't my sent recap display in the Channel activity feed?

Check to make sure the shared recap has one or more decisions, takeaways, or assigned tasks in order for it to show in the Channel's Activity Feed.

Q: Why are tasks showing in the Channel?

All assigned tasks from meetings associated to a Channel will automatically display in the Channel's activity feed.

Q: Why aren't my tasks showing in my Channel?

Check to see if the following are true:

  • Are the tasks assigned to someone in the meeting? Only assigned tasks will display in the Channel so make sure they are assigned to someone from your meeting.

  • Does the meeting have the Channel associated to it? Double-check that the Channel is associated In the header of the meeting where the task resides. Make sure if this is for a recurring meeting, the Channel is assigned appropriately to each recurrence as desired.

Q: Can Channel team members view resources or meetings they were not guests?

While resources are clickable from Channels, Channel members can only view shared resources under these circumstances:

  • Uploaded files - Clicking on uploaded files will take the user to the meeting to access the file. If they do not have access to the meeting, they will be unable to access the file.

  • Google drive files - the Channel Team Member must already have access to the Google document.

  • Links - depends on what the link is for. Still requires that the Channel Team Member have permission to it (or be it a public URL) in order to access it.

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