Adding Channels to your Docket meetings will enable your team to have visibility and awareness around key outcomes from your meetings.

You can share a meeting's results including decisions, takeaways, tasks, and resources when a channel is added to a meeting. This empowers teams to focus on accountability, visibility, and overall team collaboration.

Prerequisites for adding Channels to meetings

How to add or remove Channels to meetings

How to jump from a meeting to a Channel

Frequently Asked Questions

Prerequisites for adding Channels to meetings


Anyone on a team with Docket Pro or Busienss tier can use Docket Channels for their meetings.


A channel must first be created in order to add it to your meetings. > LEARN MORE

How to add or remove Channels to meetings

Add Channels to Meetings

To add Channels to meetings:

  1. In the header section of your Docket meeting, click Manage Channels.

  2. When the Channel panel opens, click in the Add Channels box where you can either click the down arrow to expand all Channel options or type a few letters to see what options you have available.

  3. Scroll through the Channel listing and select the Channel or Channels you wish to associate the meeting to. You can pick as many as you like but remember to limit it to the Channels where the meeting outcomes will be critical to share with others.

  4. If the meeting is recurring, you can select the Channel to be added for the specific meeting or all meetings in the series as desired.

  5. When done with your selections, click the x or click outside of the panel to return to your meeting.

  6. You can see up to two Channels you selected at the top of the meeting header. To see the rest, simply click Manage Channels again.

Remove Channels from Meetings

To remove Channels from meetings:

  1. Click on Manage Channels in the meeting header.

  2. Hover over the Channel you wish to remove from the meeting.

  3. Click the 3-dot overflow menu to reveal options.

  4. Select the option to remove Channel from meeting.

  5. If the meeting is recurring, select whether you wish to remove the Channel from this meeting only or the series.

How to jump from a meeting to a Channel

Once you have added Channels to your meetings, you can quickly jump between the meeting and the Channel by clicking on the Channel from the meeting header. This will take you from the Docket meeting to the Channel collection where you can view the Channel activity feed, tasks, and other information within the collection.

> Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I see a specific Channel as an option in the selection?

  • Make sure the Channel is not already added to the meeting.

  • Make sure you have access to the Channel.

Why do I see Channels in a meeting that I did not add?

Anyone on your team with access to the meeting is also able to add Channels to the meeting.

What if I don't want to share the meeting results to Channels in a meeting?

When you share the recap of the meeting, you have the ability to de-select any Channels you do not wish to send the recap to.

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