Sharing a Docket Recap with your meeting and non-meeting guests is a great way to make sure all of the relevant parties are aligned on the topics discussed and the decisions made.

Whether you took the notes yourself or collaborated with others, follow these steps to help notify others that a recap is ready to view.

The following steps assume notes have been taken. If notes have not been taken, follow the steps to Take Meeting Notes in Docket.


On the right-hand side of your meeting header, click the Send Recap button:


All meeting guests will display with a green checkmark indicating they will receive the recap when sent.

To remove a recipient from receiving the agenda, click the individual avatar or initials which will deselect it from the recipients list and display it with a gray X.

The total number of recipients displays above the recipients list so you can see how many guests will receive the recap when it is shared.


You can also send a copy of the meeting recap to individuals who were not included on the meeting calendar invitation. Click the email address dropdown to select from a list of your most common contacts or manually type the email address into the email selection box.

Post to Channel

Once you have a Channel set up, you can send a meeting recap summary to it by checking the Post to Channels box in the Send Meeting Recap Modal. Click the Manage Channels button to bring up the Channels pop out and select a single or multiple channels to which you will send the the meeting's recap summary.

Notes: You must be on the Docket Pro or Business plan to utilize the Channels feature. A meeting recap must include decisions and takeaways to be successfully sent to the meeting's tagged channel.

Send to Customer Relationship Management Software (HubSpot/Salesforce)

If you are using Docket's CRM integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce, you can save time sending meeting recaps to both your guests and your CRM at the same time.

Check the Send to CRM checkbox and the recap will go to your client contact records in your CRM. Docket will remember your most recent selection and default to that option the next time you send a recap.

Learn more about Docket's integration with HubSpot here.

Learn more about Docket's integration with Salesforce here.

Default Message

A message displays in the send recap modal to save you time from having to tell your guests what the recap is for. It will include your first name so they know who sent the recap to them.

Should you wish to include your own message, you can delete or type over the default message prior to sending.

TIP: If you delete the default message and decide you wish to add it back, you can hit "Cancel" and start the Send Recap process over. By doing this, you will need to deselect any guests you had previously deselected to receive the recap.

Recap Preview

A preview of the recap displays at the bottom of the Send recap modal for one last glance at what you are sending your meeting guests.

Should you wish to make any changes, you can either cancel out of the send recap modal, make edits to the notes, and go through the send recap process again or send the recap as is and edit the recap at a later time.

If you edit the recap, the emailed recap copy you sent previously with guests remains in its original form so you can decide if you wish to re-send the recap after further edits are made.

Send Recap

By clicking "Send," guests marked to receive the sent recap will receive the recap in various ways, depending on their user settings within Docket.

Docket Users

If a recipient of a sent recap is a registered Docket user, they can receive their sent recap one of two ways: Email or Slack notification.


Docket users who elect to receive Docket notifications through email will receive an email with the sent recap in entirety. They can view the recap in email or click the link to "View in Docket." For more information on sent recap notifications, see the article for Docket Settings.


Docket users who elect to receive Docket notifications through Slack will receive a notification with a link to the Docket recap when the recap is sent. The user can click the link and be brought straight into the Docket recap to view. For more information on sent recap notifications through Slack, see the article for Docket + Slack Integration.

Docket Guests

If a recipient of a sent recap is not yet a Docket user, they will receive the email of the sent recap so they can view the recap in entirety in their email.

The email also contains a link to "View in Docket," so the meeting guest can also go to a view only display of the recap.

Anyone can send a recap

Anyone with a Docket account that has access to the meeting can send a recap.

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