The Docket + Jira integration allows you to create and send tasks directly from your Docket meeting agendas to your Jira projects!

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The Docket + Jira integration is available on the the Business tier of Docket. If you are not set up on Docket's Business tier, you can follow these instructions, reach out to our support team through Docket's live chat, or email Docket at

How to integrate Docket with your Jira account

Follow these steps to integrate Jira with your Docket:

  • Hover over the the global navigation panel located on the left-hand side of your Docket account

  • Select the Integrations option

  • Scroll to the Jira integration section and click Setup Now

  • You'll be directed to Jira which will ask you to grant Docket permission to access your Jira account

  • You'll be redirected back to the Integrations page in your Docket account

  • You can now begin to create, assign, and update Jira tasks within your Docket meeting agenda

How to create and send a task to Jira

Follow these steps to create and send a task to an Jira project from your Docket meeting agenda:

  • Add a Task box to a meeting note from the formatting bar at the bottom of your Docket meeting.

  • Add the task description as you would like it to read on this task line

  • Click the + Quick Actions drop down box on the far right-hand side of the task

  • Hover over Send To

  • Select Send to Jira

  • The Send to Jira panel will display on the right-hand side of your workspace

  • Select your Project, Epic, and Issue type as applicable. Each field with an asterisk (*) must be specified before sending the task to Jira to ensure accuracy.

    • Project - Select the desired Jira project you wish to assign the task to.

    • Epic - Select applicable Jira epic the task should reside in.

    • Issue Type - Identify the issue type this task should fall under.

    • Save location for next time - Checking this box saves the Project, Epic, and Issue Type selected and auto-fill next time you create an Jira task in Docket. This comes in handy when assigning multiple tasks in a row to the same project. Unchecking this box will clear the selections so you can start from scratch the next time you create a task.

    • Task Name - Docket will auto-fill the task name to match the task description or you can overwrite a more specific name for the task.

    • Task Description - Accept the pre-filled task description from your Docket task or create a new description as you would like to see it populate in your Jira project.

    • Task description and name are the same - Checking this box assumes the Task Name and Task Description will be the same from task to task. Unchecking this box will clear the Task Name so you can enter this manually as you desire.

  • After all of the relevant information has been entered, click Send to Jira

  • Your task will now display within the designated Jira project with all corresponding information

How does it work?

Docket to Jira

  • All of the information provided in Docket's Jira panel will integrate to the project and section selected from your integration.

  • If you need to add a new project or section, simply create it in your Jira project and refresh Docket so Docket can enable you to select the new project or section.

  • When a task is complete:

    • Mark the task complete in Docket.

    • Click the chip displayed under the Docket task and open the ticket in Jira. Close the task as per your organization's Jira workflow.

Jira to Docket

  • When a ticket status is changed in Jira, the updated ticket status will reflect on the Docket task when hovering over the Jira chip displayed under the task.

  • When a task is complete:

    • Mark the task complete in Docket.

    • Click the chip displayed under the Docket task and open the ticket in Jira. Close the task as per your organization's Jira workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add Jira projects to Docket's Jira dropdown?

After you create a new project, epic, or issue type in Jira, refresh your Docket workspace and new Jira options will be available in the Send to Jira panel.

Why does the hover text over a task in Docket say, "View in Jira" instead of the task status?

This would indicate your Jira integration needs to be reset. To do this, go to Docket's Integrations section on the left navigation bar, locate the Jira integration, and click the button to set up and authorize Jira again. Once this is complete, return to the task you were hovering over and the status should now be reflected as long as the task is not a deleted task in Jira.

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