How do I get to the Docket App for Zoom?

Go to this link which will take you directly to the Docket App for Zoom. For more information on using the Docket App for Zoom, go to the Docket App for Zoom page.

Why do I get errors telling me I don't have permission or an account admin is required?

Your Zoom account is controlled by an account admin that must authorize use of any application through Zoom. Contact your administrator and request they turn on Zoom Apps and Docket so you can get more out of your meetings.

Here is a simple request you can copy to your account admin:

Hello [admin's name],

I would like to use the app through Zoom but am receiving an error message to contact my administrator."

Can you please help me resolve this issue by either:

  • Installing the app for me for my account or

  • Grant me access to the Zoom Apps Marketplace - Docket App for Zoom

Thank you for helping support my work efforts so I can use both of my favorite platforms together!

[your name]

I was invited to use the Docket App for Zoom but do not see this as an option.

Here are several suggestions you can follow to enable the Docket App for Zoom.

  1. Check to make sure you are on the latest Zoom Client build. You can go to download the latest version.

  2. If your Zoom account is controlled by a Zoom admin, contact them to grant access.

How do I know who my Zoom account admin is?

Your Account Owner is listed on your Zoom Account Profile page as shown below.

What if I am the account owner and do not see the ability to toggle on Zoom Apps?

Account owners and admins can toggle Zoom Apps on at the organizational level by going to the Zoom Apps tab in their Zoom Account Settings.

Docket for Zoom Apps Troubleshoot Checklist

If you are having difficulty accessing the Docket app for Zoom, be sure to review the follow check boxes ✅ as you troubleshoot:

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