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Docket Trial Period

When you signup for a Docket account you will automatically be enrolled in a 2-week trial of the Pro tier. A trial expiration date will appear in a banner across the top of your account as well as within your Account Settings.

Note: Unless you choose to upgrade prior to your trial's expiration, you will be automatically downgraded to the free Basic tier. From there, you can upgrade to either the Pro or Business tier at any time.

Upgrading your account tier

  • Hover over the left-hand side of your Global Navigation panel

  • Select Account Settings

  • Click the Upgrade button within the Plan Info window

  • Docket's different plan tiers offer various features. Review the listed features for each plan tier and make a decision

  • Select the desired plan tier you would like to upgrade to

  • You can pay annually or monthly (Note: annual payments receive a 20% discount)

  • Add extra seats to invite additional team members to your Docket team

  • Click Update and then Check Out

  • Once you're at the payment screen, enter your credit card information and subscribe to the Pro or Business tier

Downgrade Your Docket Account

Note: You only need to take this action if you are not on a trial and your account is on a paid plan tier of Docket.

  • Navigate to your Account Settings page

  • Select Edit Plan

  • Under the Free Basic tier, select Downgrade

  • This will delete the subscription for you Pro or Business tier and place your Docket account on the Free Basic tier upon the completion of your current month's bill date

  • You can re-upgrade your account anytime!

Additional Pricing Discounts offered by Docket

Docket offers additional pricing discounts for teams with 10 or more users for both the Pro and Business tiers. Schedule a quick call with our Customer Success team today to discuss extended pricing options.


Will I be charged anything when my trial ends?

No. There is no credit card information required to signup for a Docket account.
If you would like to remain on a paid tier at the end of your trial, follow the instructions above to do so. If you would like to utilize the Basic free tier, simply let your initial trial expire and your plan will downgrade to the free Basic tier.

Can I use my trial of Docket with my colleagues?

Yes! Docket is great for team collaboration and it is highly encouraged that as many teammates as possible register accounts so that the team can get the full experience. Follow the instructions within this article to invite your colleagues to begin making meetings awesome too!

Do I need to wait until my trial ends to upgrade my account?

No. You can upgrade to the Pro or Business plans anytime!

If I downgrade my account to the free Basic plan, when do the plan changes take effect?

Your account will downgrade to the Basic plan at your next billing cycle.
For example, if you are paying monthly and your bill date is on the tenth, once you downgrade your account, you will have until the tenth of the following month until you are downgraded to the Basic plan.

What if I never used my trial but would now like to evaluate the Pro and or Business tier features?

You can contact our Customer Success team to for assistance in establishing a new Pro or Business tier trial.

Will I lose any information if I adjust my plan type?

No. All of the information entered into a meeting workspace is saved within Docket's secured servers. While you will lose the ability to access meetings older than 45 days from the present by downgrading to the Basic plan, you can always upgrade to the Pro or Business tier to regain access to older meeting information.

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