Docket provides visibility to show anyone currently viewing or collaborating within a Docket meeting.

When viewing a meeting, you can see the avatars of any active users also viewing the same meeting in the upper right corner of the Docket workspace, just to the left of the meeting timer.

If more than 4 attendees are active, an overflow of viewers will display indicating how many more attendees are actively viewing the page.

Clicking on the avatar section will open a popover that lists the active viewing attendees in the following order:

  • Current guest (you)

  • Alphabetical order by guests who have Docket accounts

  • Alphabetical order by guests who are viewing as a Guest and not through a Docket account

Each guest displayed will show one of the following statuses:

  • Collaborating (Green) - the guest's cursor is currently focused or active within the meeting document. You will also see their name on their cursor location within the document.

  • Viewing (Yellow) - the guest's cursor is not currently focused or active within the meeting document but they are viewing the meeting document.

  • Guest Viewing - the guest viewer is viewing the meeting document in a read-only mode.

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