The new Docket App for Zoom provides a meeting experience like none other by combining the power of Zoom video and collaborative Docket platform for a unique and focused meeting.

Busy teams use Docket for all stages of their meetings for greater collaboration, efficiency, productivity, and alignment.

BEFORE - Prepare for meetings in the Docket app through event creation, recommended templates, and sharing agendas and pre-reads so that you and your guests are ready for each meeting.

DURING - Launch your Docket app within your Zoom call so that you can collaborate, take notes, and create tasks, all while keeping focus and avoid the messy juggling of windows during your meeting.

AFTER - Docket helps you easily memorialize your meeting notes, actions, decisions, and takeaways, and Zoom transcription and recording together in one place so you and your guests can reference them any time and to make it simple to share to your favorite document storage or CRM solution.

Docket was named the winner of Zoom's 2020 "Whale Watch" App Marketplace Competition and is recognized by G2 as a leader in meeting management software.

Follow the steps below to install the Docket App for Zoom and find out why so many are using Docket to make their meetings awesome.

Use the following to start using the Docket App for Zoom today:


The following will help you prepare to use the Docket App for Zoom.

  • Zoom Apps are currently only available for use within the Zoom Desktop Client.

  • You must be on the latest Zoom client version which contains the new Zoom Apps product feature.

  • While many Zoom users can install Zoom Apps independently, for those who have an admin-controlled account, you may need to ask your system administrator to activate use of Zoom Apps across your organization.

  • You do not already need a Docket account. If you already have one - great! If you do not, you can sign up after installing the Docket app.


Use the following information to install the Docket app for Zoom.

Turn on Zoom Apps

1. Log into your Zoom desktop client.

2. Click on the Settings cog > General > View More settings or go directly to your Zoom settings page.

3. On the top navigation on the far right, the new option for Zoom Apps should display. Click on this new tab or click directly to the Zoom Apps tab.

4. Turn on the toggle to enable Zoom Apps.

TIP: We advise signing out of Zoom client and back in to enable the feature.

TIP: If this feature is not available to you, make sure you have the latest Zoom client installed with the Zoom Apps feature.

TIP: If this feature is not editable for you, check with your system administrator.

Install via Docket

Use the following steps to install the Docket App for Zoom.

1. Sign into Docket with the account you wish to associate with your Zoom account.

2. On the left navigation panel, click on the Integrations tab.

3. Scroll down to the section called Docket App for Zoom and click the Docket App for Zoom button to install.

4. Follow the steps to authorize the Docket App which include opening Zoom upon a successful installation. Once the installation is complete, your Docket app will open automatically in your Zoom client. The Docket App button in the integrations page will be grayed out once all steps are complete.

How to Install Via Zoom

Use the following steps to install the Docket App for Zoom from Zoom.

Note: This section is not needed if you have already installed the Docket App using the instructions above.

1. Once you have Zoom Apps activated, you can go directly to the Docket app for Zoom marketplace page or browse the library of Zoom Apps for Docket. On your Zoom Desktop Client, click the newly activated Apps option at the top of the modal.

2. On the Discover tab, search for Docket.

3. Click the button to install. Follow all prompts to authorize the Docket App for Zoom.

4. Docket should now show on your Zoom client's My Apps tab. You can click to open.

  • If you are new to Docket, follow the prompts to sign up.

  • If you already have an account with Docket, you will be signed directly into your account.

IMPORTANT: If at the time of installation, you are signed into your Zoom and Docket accounts, both will automatically take you to your Zoom and Docket accounts as you were previously signed in. It is important you are using the Zoom and Docket accounts you wish to use. If you find yourself logged into accounts you do not prefer to use for Zoom or Docket, sign out of those accounts and sign in with the preferred accounts to ensure you are experiencing your preferred information.

Docket Scope Permissions

In order for Docket to function within your Zoom Apps, the Docket app requests the following information through Zoom "scopes."

  • View your user information/user:read
    This allows you to link your Zoom and Docket accounts.

  • Enable Zoom App within Zoom Meeting Client/zoomapp:inmeeting
    This allows you to use Docket to build agendas, take notes, and assign action items in your Zoom meetings.

Using the Docket App for Zoom

Before A Meeting

Before a meeting, use the Docket App to create and share agendas, add resources and images, or plan for your week ahead.

  1. Open your Zoom desktop client.

  2. Click on Apps at the top.

  3. Click the My Apps tab and locate your Docket app. Click to open the app.

From here, you can prepare for upcoming meetings:

During A Meeting

During a meeting, use the Docket app to launch your Zoom call, take notes, view resources, collaborate with others, assign tasks, share your screen, and keep focused by having Docket directly within your Zoom video call.

1. Navigate to your next meeting either by your Docket Event Panel or in your Week at a Glance section on Docketboard. Select the desired meeting so it opens up in the main workspace of your Zoom Client page.

2. Click the Zoom icon to the right of the meeting title. Your Zoom video window will open. Follow all prompts to join the call.

3. Once you have joined the call, click the Apps icon on the far right corner of your Zoom window.

4. Select your Docket app. This will open the app to the right of the Zoom video window where you can start taking notes, assign tasks, view resources, and collaborate with others in the meeting.

See Zoom Apps Tips and Tricks section below. for more information.

After A Meeting

After a meeting is over, use the Docket app for Zoom to assign decisions and takeaways, share a recap with guests for alignment, and prepare or attend the next meeting.

1. Navigate back to the meeting, either by your Docket Event Panel or in your Week at a Glance section on Docketboard. Select the desired meeting so it opens up in the main workspace of your Zoom Client page.

2. Mark any decisions or takeaways, assign final tasks, and modify final notes and attachments as desired.

3. Use the Share Recap button in the upper right corner of the meeting workspace.

4. Navigate to your next meeting to prepare or join.

Zoom Apps Tips and Tricks

The following are cool tips and tricks to use in your Zoom App.

  • POP DOCKET FROM THE ZOOM WINDOW - Use the Open New Window button (white arrow) to pop your Docket app from the Zoom video window so you can grab the corners and make your note taking space wider, drag the Docket window to other places on your monitor, or to expose more of your Docket tools that are available in the larger view.

  • MERGE DOCKET BACK INTO THE ZOOM WINDOW - Use the merge back to main window button (white arrow) to pop your Docket app back into the Zoom video window.

  • SEND DOCKET APP TO OTHERS - Use the Send App button (blue arrow) to share the Docket app with others in your meeting. This will send them a chat notification to the in-meeting Zoom chat. If you are connected in Zoom chat outside of the meeting, they will also receive a direct chat invitation as well.

  • SHARE DOCKET APP SCREEN - Use the One-click share button (green box with arrow) to share your Docket screen with your meeting guests. This view will show your Docket app only. If you wish to share your entire screen, use the Share Screen option at the bottom of your Zoom window.


Use the following instructions to remove Docket from your library of Zoom Apps.

  1. Go to the Zoom App Marketplace and login if not already signed in.

  2. Click Manage (upper right corner) > Installed Apps (on the left navigation panel) or search for the Docket app.

  3. Click the Docket app.

  4. Click Uninstall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I unable to enable Zoom Apps in my settings?

Either you need the latest Zoom client version software or your company runs access to new applications through an administrator.

Why am I unable to view the Docket meeting in my Zoom App?

  • Check that you are a guest on the calendar invite. If not, request the meeting organizer to add you as a guest and try to access the meeting again.

  • If the meeting that defaults in your window is not the right meeting, navigate to the meeting on your event panel by clicking the Toggle Sidebar on the left. This will pop open your event panel where you can search for the appropriate meeting or create a new meeting to take notes for your call.

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