Docket will notify you when your next meeting is about to start. Notifications will occur in the upper right corner of your Docket workspace.

How to use Docket's Meeting Reminders

  • Click View to jump straight to the Docket meeting. Whatever you are currently viewing will switch to the upcoming meeting workspace.

  • Click the X to clear the message from view. Whatever you are currently viewing will remain but please remember to hop to your next meeting using your event panel or Docketboard Week at a Glance.

  • If you are currently viewing the upcoming meeting, Docket will not send a reminder as you are already viewing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Docket notify me about my upcoming meeting?

Docket will post upcoming meeting reminders 5 minutes before your meeting. It will remain in sight for up to 2 minutes after the meeting time has started.

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