Most people use their calendar for more than just their day-to-day meetings. Use the Hide Event feature to reduce calendar clutter and focus on only the meetings and events which require your attention and meeting participation.

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How Do I hide an event?

  • Locate an event which you do not wish to be displayed in your Event Panel

  • Click the three-dots to the right of the event title

  • Select Hide Event

  • The event will collapse within the event panel

  • If the event is recurring, you can choose to either hide this single instance or hide all instances

  • Click anywhere on the event to redisplay the event normally in the event panel

  • The event will now display normally


Do I lose any access or functionality to an event when it is hidden?

No. Hiding an event only helps declutter the event panel. You can unhide the event at any time, add agendas and notes, and share the agendas and recaps with meeting participants.

How do I unhide an event in a recurring series that was previously hidden?

You can unhide a series but not a single instance in a series.

If I hide an event, will it hide the event for any other participants?

No, hiding an event is specific only to your event panel within Docket.

Will a hidden event display in my Docket Daily and Weekly Digest emails?

Yes. A hidden event will still populate within your Daily and Weekly Digests so you can see your daily or weekly schedule in full view.

How can I find a hidden event?

You can search for a hidden event using Docket's Search Bar.

Can tasks be assigned and completed in hidden events?

Yes. Tasks can be created and assigned in an event that is hidden after the task was created. A task can be marked completed with no impact to the hide status of the event. If someone wishes to view the task in the meeting, the meeting will still show with the task in context but the event will remain hidden on the event panel.

Can I or another meeting attendee still access a hidden event by clicking the "The View Docket" link attached to shared agendas, recaps, collaboration invitations, and agenda links within the calendar details page?

Yes. You can still navigate to a hidden events through any of the links Docket provides at the various stages of the meeting process. The event will display for users that have access to the meeting. If the user clicking the link previously hid the event on their event panel, the event will remain hidden on their event panel.

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