NOTE: This feature is available on the Pro and Business tiers of Docket.

This report will populate tasks only from meetings in which you are the meeting organizer.

What information is displayed in the CSV report?

  • Tasks closed within the queried date range.

  • All open tasks- Tasks which have not been closed.

  • Task Description- full note in which the task was created.

  • Assignee- the meeting attendee who owns the task.

  • Tack Due At- date when the task is due.

  • Title- the meeting title in which the task was created.

  • Meeting Date- the meeting date on which the task was assigned.

  • Meeting URL- the URL for the meeting in which the task was created.

How to export Task Report

  • Click on your account avatar/initials in the upper right-hand corner of your Docket account

  • Select Export Tasks

  • Set the date range

  • Click Download

  • Open the .csv with a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Numbers.

  • Now that the file is open, you can manipulate the data in a manner which conforms to your needs.

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