Arrange and edit your meeting agendas by dragging and dropping, copying, pasting, and deleting sections of your Agenda Items and notes.

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Rearranging Agenda Item Order

Drag and Drop Agenda Items

  • Click and hold the dotted icon to the left of an agenda title

  • Drag the desired Agenda Item to its new location

  • A Blue Line will appear indicating that your Agenda Item will be relocated to a new position

  • The Agenda Item being replaced in position will now automatically bump down one row to accommodate the update

Copy and Paste Agenda Items

  • Select and highlight all of the information contained within an Agenda Item

  • “Cut” out the text.

  • Place your cursor in front of the first letter of the Agenda Item you would like to place your cut agenda item ahead of.

  • Paste the copied agenda in front of the Agenda Item title.

  • Your relocated Agenda Item will automatically bump down the other Agenda Item to conform to your new Agenda arrangement.

Deleting an Agenda Item

Follow the steps below if you would like to delete an Agenda Item:

  • Hover to left of an Agenda Item's title.

  • Click on the Trash Can icon.

  • A modal will appear confirming you wish to continue deleting the Agenda Item and its corresponding notes.
    NOTE: You can prevent this modal from appearing each time you delete an Agenda Item by checking the "Don't ask again" box.

Follow the steps below to remove an Agenda Item using your keyboard:

  • Highlight the area in question with either your mouse or keyboard.

  • Press "delete" (Mac users), or "backspace" (PC users).

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