Use the following instructions to create an agenda via Templates before a calendar event has been scheduled:

  1. Hover over the Global Navigation slide out on the left-hand side of your Docket workspace.

  2. Select Templates

  3. Click + New Template in the lower left corner of the modal

  4. Start building your agenda and complete applicable fields

  5. Attach any applicable resources

  6. Click Done

When your event gets scheduled, add your agenda template to the meeting:

  1. Refresh Docket in your browser so the event reflects in the Docket Event Panel

  2. Navigate to the new event within the Event Panel on the left hand side of your Docket account

  3. In the Docket Meeting Header, click the Templates drop down

  4. Select Template Library

  5. Apply the agenda template you already created from the Select Template modal

  6. If further modifications are needed, modify the agenda in the event as desired. Note: Modifying the agenda in the new meeting does NOT modify the original template which remains available for future use.

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