There are times when someone has requested a meeting but they were not clear on the purpose or goal of the meeting so you can come prepared. When this happens, you are left with the awkward decision to show up to the meeting and hope for the best, create your own agenda, or reject the meeting. But Docket has a better idea...Request an Agenda!

Request Agenda

When you review a meeting event in Docket that was created by someone other than yourself you can select the option to Request Agenda if no agenda exists for the meeting.

When you use the option to Request Agenda, the following modal will display:

Meeting Organizer - The To: section will automatically populate with the meeting organizer's name (if they are also a Docket user) and email address.

Message - A default message displays from you saving you time from having to write a message. However, you can edit or delete the message and type your own custom message if you desire.

Receiving a Request for an Agenda

After hitting Send to send the message to the meeting organizer, they will receive an email that looks like the following and contains the default or custom message you included in the previous modal:

They can click on the "Click here to get started." which will take them directly to the Docket meeting. Hopefully they will create an agenda and share the agenda with you!

Other Useful Tips

When the Meeting Organizer is NOT a Docket User

If the meeting organizer is NOT a Docket user, they can still receive an email request through Request an Agenda. When they go to click on the link, "Click here to get started." they will be brought to Docket and asked to log in as you did your first time. This only takes a moment for them to log in and will help bring others into the loop on your meeting process.

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