Recurring events are typically related and carry with them a history of meeting topics that carry similar themes. And since work doesn't naturally begin and end in a single meeting, there can be project or task carry-over from meeting to meeting. Because of this, many find the need to go back to previous meeting notes for reasons such as:

  • Reminding meeting guests what was discussed previously

  • View previously assigned tasks and review for status or closure

  • To keep a system of record and organization of related information

Because of this and potentially other reasons, Docket makes accessing recurring meeting history easy to see.

View Previous Meeting History - How it Works

When there are notes taken in previous meetings within a meeting series, you can view these straight from the most recent meeting.

Previous meeting history can be viewed by clicking on the Meeting History pop out in the lower right-hand side of your meeting workspace. This button will display in the for any recurring meeting in the series with the exception of the first meeting which would not yet have any meeting history.

Docket Meeting History will display in the order of most recent to least recent previous meetings. Continue to scroll down to view meetings further away from the present.

If there are no notes or a cancelled meeting, Docket Meeting History will not display the meeting as there is nothing to display.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a guest is invited to one meeting event in a recurring series, can they view meeting history on any other prior meetings?
One can only see the meeting history of the events in a recurring series they have been invited to.

Docket Recurring Meetings

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