Click into any section of an agenda item to use your Docket Text Formatting Bar. The formatting bar will appear at the bottom of your workspace view and visually track with any page scrolling you perform.

This article will cover the following:

Formatting Bar Tools

Text styling

Use the bold, italic, underline, and highlight option to call specific emphasis to your text.

The bold, italic, and underline features can be activated in two ways:

  • Selecting the text format option directly from the formatting bar with your mouse

  • Use the standard keyboard commands for PC: ctrl + b, ctrl + i, ctrl + u

  • Use the standard keyboard commands for MAC: cmd + b, cmd + i, cmd + u


Assign, track, and complete tasks from meetings with the Task Assignment feature on your Docket formatting bar.

Note: Tasks can only be assign in the Take some notes...section of an Agenda Item.

  • Click the Task Box on your formatting bar to create a task for an agenda item or note.

  • Assign ownership and a due date with the Task Actions drop down on the right-hand side of the agenda item or note.

Once you have assigned ownership and a due date, the assignee, task status, and task due date will all display within your note.

The Task Checkbox will remain unchecked until manually adjusted by either yourself or the assignee.

To learn more about Docket's Task Management

Text Formatting

Arrange the text of your agenda items and notes with the formatting bar's bullet, listing, and indentation options.

Standard formatting keyboard shortcuts also format the text as desired. For example, tabbing a line will indent the text and adjust a Numbered List outline accordingly.

Mention an Attendee

Use the mention icon to call the specific attention of a meeting guest to an agenda item or note.

You can also assign a mention by typing "@" in an agenda item or note.

Note: Using the @ symbol will not create a task for the assignee. To add a task specific to the mention, add a task checkbox to the agenda item or note.

Title and add a specific URL link by clicking the Chain Link icon within the formatting bar. From there, you will be prompted to title and provide the link you wish to include in the agenda item or note.

After the link has been added, it is fully clickable for easy to use navigation and editing.

Inline Images

Add images to the body of the notes section of an agenda item.

More information on Inline Images.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I use Docket's integration with another application, will my agenda and note formatting carry over when I export them from Docket?

The content and resources will integrate to other applications such as HubSpot and Evernote, and the formatting text results are dependent on the capabilities of the tool used.

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