There are so many ways you can use Docket but if you want a quick overview, follow these pointers to a happy meeting!

We'll quickly cover these top Docket features including:

Event Panel

The Docket Event Panel displays all of the events created within Docket or which are directly imported from your integrated calendar. Use the Docket event panel to do the following:

  • Create a New Meeting

  • Review and select the list of events scheduled for today

  • Search for and select a previous or future event

  • Review scheduled one on ones for current week

  • View all recently edited events

Meeting Header

Review all of your meeting information with the Docket Meeting Header. Your Meeting Header includes the following:

  • Meeting name, date, time

  • Video Conferencing Link

  • Meeting information panel button

  • Meeting timer

  • Schedule a follow up meeting

  • View present meeting attendees

  • Send Agenda and Send Recap buttons

  • Ability to invite meeting attendees to collaborate on agenda

  • A settings button to control authorship display

  • Access Private Notes

  • The ability to save a complete agenda as a template

  • The ability to populate the meeting workspace with a pre-made agenda template


Create agendas, take notes, and add resources all in a single document view!

  • Select either a meeting from your Event Panel on the left-hand side of your Docket account, or create a new meeting from scratch

  • Follow the help text to format and add agenda items

  • Format and ddd notes to agenda items before, during, and after a meeting

  • Attach resources (files, Google Drive, URLs) to agenda items

Meeting History

Meeting History for recurring meetings displays in view with your current meeting so you can easily reflect on you past meeting's notes and decisions. Open your recurring meeting history by doing the following:

  • Click the Meeting History button in the lower right-hand corner of you Docket workspace

  • Scroll down from your current view to see the expanded meeting workspace which now includes your previous meeting's information

Private Notes

Private notes are 100% private to each individual and are not included in sent agendas and recaps. Open or completely hide private notes from your view by selecting or un-selecting Private Notes located with the meeting header at the top of your meeting workspace.


Docket displays the name of each guest currently contributing to the meeting so that the division of focus is well documented and understood.

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