This guide will show you how to:

  • Understand the pre-requisites for using this integration.

  • Link your Evernote account to your Docket account.

  • Send Docket meeting notes to Evernote.

  • Troubleshoot issues.

Pre-Requisites for Using This Integration

This integration assumes you have the following:

  • Evernote Account.

  • Docket Account - Follow these instructions to set up a Docket account for your Google or Microsoft account.

  • You have a Docket meeting with notes that are ready to send to your Evernote.

  • Hover over the Global Navigation slide out on the left-hand side of your Docket workspace.

  • Select Settings from the slide out.

  • Select Integrations Settings.

  • Scroll down to the Evernote integration and click the option to Connect Evernote.

  • Evernote will ask you to confirm your desire to connect to Docket.

Now the Evernote Integration in Docket is ready to use!

Send Docket Meeting Notes to Evernote

To send a Docket meeting recap to Evernote:

  • Go to a specific meeting within Docket and take notes.

  • After notes have been added to an agenda item, the Share Recap button will display to the right of the Docket Meeting Header.

  • Click Share Recap to access the recap dropdown.

  • Select Send to Evernote from the dropdown.

  • A modal will have you confirm your request to send the meeting recap to your Evernote notebook of choice.

You can now view the meeting recap both in Docket and in your selected Evernote notebook as well as have the flexibility to modify the meeting in Evernote.


Why don't I have an option to share my meeting to Evernote?
Check to make sure that you have set up the Evernote integration until you receive confirmation from Evernote that the connection was successful.

Why is my integration from Docket to Evernote not working? I have been using it with no problem for a while.

Evernote requires re-authorization of connected applications like Docket. Go to to reauthorize the integration, refresh your Docket browser tab, and resend your notes again.

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