This guide will show you how to:

  • Understand the pre-requisites for using this integration.

  • Link your Dropbox account to your Docket account.

  • Send Docket meeting notes to your Dropbox.

  • Troubleshoot issues.

Pre-Requisites for Using This Integration

This integration assumes you have the following:

  • Docket Account - Follow these instructions to set up a Docket account for your Google or Microsoft account.

  • You have a Docket meeting with notes that are ready to send to your Dropbox.

Link Your Dropbox to Docket

Dropbox's integration occurs automatically with Docket! No need to spend anytime on integrating Docket and Dropbox. Just make sure you're logged into your correct Dropbox account before sending over your meeting recaps and notes!

Send Docket Meeting Notes to Your Dropbox

To send a Docket meeting recap to your Dropbox:

  • Go to your meeting in Docket and take notes.

  • To the right of your meeting header, open the Share Recap dropdown.

  • Click Send to Dropbox.

A modal will have you confirm your request to send the meeting recap to your Dropbox.

You can now view the meeting recap both in Docket and in your general Dropbox file. You also have the flexibility to modify the meeting in Dropbox or move the file to a different folder within Dropbox.


Why don't I have an option to share my meeting to Dropbox?
Check to make sure that you are logged into the correct Dropbox account outside of Docket.

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