Receiving a Docket Agenda

Receiving a Docket Agenda means you have a meeting organizer or another meeting attendee who wants to help you be prepared for your meeting! Read on to learn more about the various components of the sent Docket Agenda.

This article will cover the following:

Personal Message

The very top of the emailed agenda will most likely contain a message from the organizer or guest personal to the nature of the request. It could be they are sharing a robust agenda, assigning you a section to contribute and own for the meeting, or asking you to collaborate and build an agenda together.

Meeting Header

The agenda meeting header contains the following information:

  • Meeting Title - This comes from your calendar event

  • Meeting Date - This comes from your calendar event

  • Meeting Time and Timezone - This comes from the calendar event and will display the information based on the sender's browser locale. For example, if you are in Boston, Massachusetts and you received a sent agenda from someone in Los Angelos, California, the time and timezone will show the event in Pacific Time

  • View in Docket - This button will take you directly to Docket. If you are a Docket user, you will be brought directly to the Docket meeting agenda within your Docket account. If you are not a Docket user, you will be brought to a view only page where you can view the meeting's agenda and any attached resources

Agenda Items and Agenda Descriptions

Each agenda item included in the Docket meeting will display and may range from simple to detailed descriptions depending on how the agenda was set up prior to being sent. You can read through the agenda to plan for the session and understand the purpose and discussion points. You can also click the View in Docket button in the meeting header and review these items from the Docket meeting itself.

Resource Attachments

There may be resource attachments included within an agenda item section where you can quickly see any pre-reads or applicable information to review prior to the meeting. You can click on each resource straight from the Docket agenda or click the View in Docket button in the meeting header and review these resources from the Docket meeting as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not receiving a copy of the agenda I send out?

If you are not receiving the email copy of the agendas you create, please use the following steps to troubleshoot:

  • Hover over the Global Navigation slide out on the left-hand side of your Docket workspace

  • Select Account Settings from the slide out

  • Confirm that the box for Agenda Updates is checked

NOTE: If your agenda updates box is checked but you are still not receiving the agendas you send out, please contact Docket either through email or live chat for further support.

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