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  • Docket provides more options when your calendar is synced with Docket, saving you time between applications. To sync Docket with your calendar, follow these steps:
    - Google Calendar
    - Microsoft Calendar
    NOTE: If you do not wish to sync your calendar at this time, you can still create meetings in Docket and send them to others!

How to Create A New Meeting In Docket

To create a new meeting in Docket:

  • Click the + New Meeting button at the bottom of your event panel in the lower-left corner of your Docket account. If the Event Panel is collapsed, click the calendar icon in the upper left-hand corner or the workspace to expand the Event Panel so you can see the + New Meeting button.

  • Enter a Title or tab past to accept the default.

  • Enter a Date or tab past to accept the default. The date will default as the day you are creating the new meeting.

  • Enter a Start Time or tab past to accept the default. The start time will default to the nearest 15-minute increment. Ex. If you click to create a new meeting at 8:43 AM, the default start time will display at 8:45 AM.

  • Add video conferencing to your meeting.

  • Enter an End Time or tab past to accept the default. The end time will default to the nearest 15 minute increment from the start time. Ex. If the start time is 8:45 AM, the end time will display as 9:00 AM.

  • Enter or select Attendees. Adding attendees will enable you to share the event with your guests as well as include them to receive an agenda or recap later in your meeting process.

  • Click Save. Clicking save will add the meeting to your calendar and your guest's calendars as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a meeting that I create in Docket sync to my Google or Microsoft calendar?
If you have your calendar synced with Docket, a meeting created in Docket will add to your calendar and that of your meeting guests when you are done with the new meeting modal.

If my calendar is not synced with Docket, how do I add the event to my calendar?
You can go directly to your Google or Microsoft calendar and create your event.

If my calendar is not synced with Docket, can I connect it after a meeting has been created and see the meeting sync to my calendar?

If your calendar is not already synced to Docket, use the option to Connect your Google Calendar or Connect your Microsoft Calendar so this event will integrate to your calendar upon connecting your calendar to Docket.

Will my guests be invited to a meeting I create in Docket?

Meeting guests will receive the typical calendar notification they would get from your Google or Microsoft event process.

If my guests use Docket, will this meeting display in their event panel and receive meeting agendas and recaps?

Meeting guests who use Docket will see the event added to their Event Panel and when you send an agenda or recap. They will also receive notifications according to their Docket notification settings.

Why do my guests have two versions of the meeting on their calendars?
There is a potential your guests have what appears to be a duplicate meeting if you do not sync your calendar with Docket but they do. This is due to the fact you created a Docket meeting as well as a calendar meeting separately and shared both with them. Their Docket Event Panel will show both as separate events.

The best way to avoid this is for you to sync your calendar to Docket so when you create a Docket meeting and share it to your calendar, it will be the same meeting.

If my calendar is not synced with Docket, will the Docket meeting add to my guest's calendars?
No. If you do not have your calendar synced with Docket and you add attendees to your Docket meeting, they will not have the event added to their calendar. If they also use Docket, they will see it in their Docket event panel.

How do I edit the event details after saving the meeting?
For calendar event details such as changes to date and time, adding video conferencing, or adjusting the guest list, you can make these changes directly from your Google or Microsoft calendar.

Why do some attendees show when I type and others do not?
If Docket has information from past meeting history, it will help you make selections faster by providing you with people you meet with most. If it is the first time Docket is seeing the guest you are entering, it will require the full email address to add it to your contact list.

Why do some attendees show by name and others by email address?
If the email you add in the attendee list is a Docket user, their name will display as they have it set up in Docket. If they are not a Docket user, they will display as the email address you provide.

Why did I get the error, "Account Mismatch" when syncing my calendar?
This would indicate the email account you are using in Docket is different than the one you selected to sync your calendar to. The accounts need to match to ensure the correct calendar is set up for integrating your events properly.

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