Adding a Zoom video call when you create your new meeting in Docket is easy! Schedule your meeting and add your Zoom video conferencing in one place so you can get more work done.

Add Zoom Video Conferencing to New Meeting in Docket

Follow these steps to add a Zoom video call to a new meeting in Docket.

  1. Create a Meeting using the + New Meeting button

  2. Add Meeting Details by completing applicable scheduling options

  3. Add Video Conferencing by clicking to select and add Zoom

  4. Save the new meeting

Setting up Zoom Integration from New Meeting Modal

Follow these steps if you do not yet have your Zoom account linked to Docket.

  1. When in the + New Meeting modal under Video Conferencing, click the option to Connect Zoom

  2. A Zoom page will open asking you to authorize linking your Zoom account to Docket. Click authorize to proceed.

  3. A Docket modal will confirm success and you can continue to schedule your new meeting with Zoom call.

Setting up Zoom Integration from Docket Settings

To link your Zoom account to Docket to enable adding Zoom calls to Docket meetings:

  1. Hover over the left-hand side of your Docket account and select integrations

  2. Scroll down to the Zoom Calendar Integration section and click the button to Connect Zoom

  3. A Zoom page will open asking you to authorize linking your Zoom account to Docket. Click authorize to proceed

  4. The Connect Zoom button will turn gray confirming your Zoom and Docket accounts are connected. You can now add Zoom video calls when creating new meetings in Docket by following the steps above

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get the message, "You cannot authorize this app" when trying to set up my Zoom account?

This indicates your Zoom account is likely controlled by an administrator on your behalf. If you request your administrator to authorize linking your Zoom account to Docket, you will be enabled to use this without actually having to set up the integration within your own Docket account.

Why do I get the message, "Docket for Zoom install failed. Something went wrong with the Zoom installation. Please try again?"

This indicates the Docket account you are trying to authorize Zoom access to does not have matching calendar accounts. For example, if you are logged into Docket as but your Zoom account is linked to, there is an account mismatch. Please make sure to have the appropriate accounts for both in order to complete this integration.

Having trouble setting up your Zoom integration for Docket? Email us at or use the chat button in the lower left corner of the screen. You can also refer to the Zoom Help Center for answers to common Zoom meeting questions.

Support is available to all customers Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 pm ET. Target response times for our customers include within 3 hours for Business or a business day for Pro. All other inquiries will receive a response as quickly as possible.

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