Ensure anyone who follows your event records in Salesforce has the most recent meeting information from Docket. When you meet with a client and take notes in Docket, it may be important for others who rely on your CRM for contact records and event records to see the Docket meeting notes to help drive conversation, engagement, solutions, and hopefully additional revenue!

When you choose to save your Docket meeting recap to Salesforce, Docket will add the meeting as an event to your Salesforce event object as well as link the event to any attendees from the meeting that has a client record in Salesforce.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Understand the pre-requisites for using this integration.

  • Link your Salesforce account to your Docket account.

  • Send Docket meeting notes to your Salesforce event object.

  • Troubleshoot issues.

Pre-Requisites for Using This Integration

This integration assumes you have the following:

  • Salesforce Account

  • Docket Business Tier Account - Follow these instructions to set up a Docket account for your Google or Microsoft account.

  • You have a Docket meeting with notes.

  • In Docket, go to your Docket Settings which are found by clicking your avatar or initials in the upper right corner of your Docket meeting workspace. Scroll down to the Salesforce integration and click the option to Connect Salesforce.

  • Sign into your Salesforce account.

  • Salesforce will ask you to allow integration permissions including the ability for Docket to access basic information, access and manage your data, and perform requests on your behalf. These permissions enable Docket to add the meeting you send to Salesforce to your Events object and link to client records so you can access these meetings in Salesforce. Click Allow to continue.

  • Now the Salesforce Integration in Docket is ready to use!

Send Docket Meeting Notes to Salesforce as an Event

To send a Docket meeting recap to your Salesforce event records:

If you are using Docket's Salesforce integrations, you can save time sending meeting recaps to both your guests and your Salesforce at the same time.

Check the Send to Salesforce checkbox and the recap will go to your client contact records in your Salesforce. Docket will remember your most recent selection and default to that option the next time you send a recap.

  • Go to your meeting in Docket and take notes.

  • In the Notes tab under Send Recap, click the dropdown and click on Send to Salesforce.

  • A modal will have you confirm your request to send the meeting recap as an event to Salesforce.

You can now view the meeting recap both in Docket and as an event in Salesforce.

To view the event in Salesforce:

  • Go to your Salesforce Sales Console

  • Go to your events Calendar and get to the date of the meeting you sent to Salesforce

  • Click on the event from the calendar to open

  • View the event details from Docket including the agenda, notes, and resource links in the description field and the guest records in the name field. The top line of the description will include a direct link to the meeting in Docket for easy access.


Why didn't my meeting show all of the guests in the name field once it was sent to Salesforce?

This could be due to several reasons:

Guest Contact Records - Guests must already have a record in Salesforce for it to include them in this object. You can create contact records for them in Salesforce and resent the recap to ensure they have a copy tied to their contact record. Resend will duplicate the event you already sent to Salesforce so you may want to delete the first event from your event calendar before re-sharing.

Salesforce Activity Settings - There is a setting found in your Salesforce Activity Settings which must be activated to ensure multiple contact records display.

In your Setup -> Feature Settings -> Sales -> Activity Settings there is an option to "Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events." Check this box and follow the messaging and confirmation to enable the ability to relate contacts for a task or event. You may need your organization's Salesforce system administrator assistance in activating this feature.

How do I send a Docket meeting recap if the contact record is not yet in Salesforce?
Add the contact record to Salesforce and then go back to Docket to push the meeting recap with the new record in Salesforce.

Why can't I add the Salesforce integration for Docket?
Make sure you have proper system access in both Docket and Salesforce. Speak to your organization's System Administrator for the permissions and approval.

Will this integration send meeting notes to the customer or just to their Salesforce record?
This integration sends the Docket meeting recap to the Salesforce event object and contact record in Salesforce. It does not send the meeting notes to the customer directly. Follow these steps to send a meeting recap to your meeting guests.

How do I remove Docket's access from my Salesforce account?

You can remove Docket's integration with your Salesforce from directly within your Salesforce permission settings. Here are some easy steps to remove Docket's permissions to your Salesforce account.

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