Docket makes it super simple to share your agenda templates with your Docket Team.


  • The Docket Team owner must be on Docket Pro tier or higher

  • The desired recipients of the shared agenda must be on the same Docket Team

How to Share an Agenda Template

  • Hover over the Global Navigation slide out on the left-hand side of your Docket workspace.

  • Select Templates from the slide out.

  • Select or Create the template you wish to share

  • Use the template menu in the upper right corner of the template modal to duplicate or convert the template to your team library

  • Docket will send an email notification to all of your team members letting them know there is a shiny, new template available for them to use

Template Duplication and Conversion

Duplication - Using this option will make a copy of your template and add a copy to your team library.

  • This will result in you having two versions of this template, personal and team.

  • Anyone on your Docket team can now use the new version you duplicated to the team library.

  • Anyone on your Docket team cannot use your personal version.

Conversion - Using this option will move your template from your personal template library to your team library.

  • This will result in you having one version of the template, team.

  • Anyone on your Docket Team can now use the template you moved to the team library.

Team Template Tips

Fully collaborative. Anyone on the Docket Team can edit or delete a team template.

Editing. It is recommended that if a team template needs to be customized after it is added to the team library, it is either duplicated in the team library for each version or duplicated to a team member's personal library for further editing and customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can share templates?

Anyone on a Docket Pro tier or higher can use this feature.

I accidentally used the Conversion option and now I no longer have my own personal template. How can I get it back?

You can go to the team version and use the option to duplicate it back to your personal library.

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