Use the following steps to edit meeting details for events displayed in Docket. 

Meetings Synced to Calendar

Meetings created after you synced your calendar with Docket can be edited directly from the calendar event in Google or Microsoft. You can click the event from the Docket event panel to get to your calendar and make the necessary modifications. 

Meetings Not Synced to Calendar

Meetings created before you sync your calendar exist in Docket only. You can go to the event in the event panel and click on the 3 dots which will open the meeting details modal so you can edit the title, date, time, or guests. 

For more information, read a more detailed explanation of the Docket Event Panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my meeting is or isn't synced to my calendar?
Meetings synced to your calendar will have a calendar icon like this on the event panel card.

Meetings that are not synced to calendar will not have a calendar icon on the event panel card.

Meetings that are created in Docket prior to syncing your calendar can be pushed individually to your calendar as desired by using the Push to Calendar option found in the popover of each applicable event panel card. 

Why does the event panel link take me to a different calendar?
Docket can take you to Google or Microsoft but your email provider account determines which calendar you will be taken to. If you are signed into email provider account A but you use email provider account B for Docket, Docket will send you to your calendar where your email provider will see you were most recently logged into account A and take you there.

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