To sign into your Docket account using your Microsoft email account:

TIP: If you do not have a Docket account, use the option at the bottom of the screen to Create Account. 

  • Select the option to Sign in with Microsoft

  • If prompted, select the Microsoft email account you wish to sign in with. Otherwise, Microsoft will automatically log you in using the account you most recently logged into

Your Docket workspace for the account selected will open so you can start preparing for your meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get a message, "Account not found. Sign up below to create your Docket account?"

This would indicate the Microsoft Account you selected was not recognized as an account set up in Docket. You can:

  • Use the option to Create Account at the bottom of the page

  • Select a different Microsoft account to sign in 

  • Email for assistance

Why did I get the error, "Account Mismatch?"

This is due to the account you selected to sync to is not the same email account as you signed up with in Docket. Please go back to select your calendar again and select the same account as used during your sign-up with Docket.

Why did I get the error, “Error accessing Microsoft account?”

This is due to the account you selected having tightened security controls that prevent Docket from gathering the minimum amount of information from Microsoft’s API to create a Docket account. This is typically because of an organization’s o365 security controls have been configured in a manner that prevents third party applications from access certain aspects of an o365 account.

To resolve this error, your organization’s Microsoft admin can specifically allow Docket to integrate with the organization’s o365 calendar instances.

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