Syncing your calendar with Docket makes it easier to prepare for meetings so that your calendar and Docket are always updated with the latest meeting information. 

There are several places in Docket you can sync your calendar:

  • During Sign-Up

  • From your Docket Event Panel

  • From your Docket Settings Page

To sync your Google calendar, use one of the options above and follow the standard authentication prompts to complete this process.

  1. Click to Connect Google Calendar.

  2. Select the account for the calendar you wish to connect. It is important the account you select is the same account you signed up for with Docket.

  3. Click Allow to enable Docket to view your calendar for this account. 

  4. Docket will confirm your calendar is now connected.

After Calendar Sync, Your Meetings Will Display
If you have meetings on this connected calendar for today, they will load into the event panel on the left. 

After Calendar Sync, Your Meetings Do Not Display
If you do not have meetings on this connected calendar for today or none on this calendar at all, you can either add meetings to your calendar and refresh Docket for them to appear here or use the +New Meeting button and start creating events that will now sync directly to your calendar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I get the error, "Account Mismatch?"
This is due to the account you selected to sync to is not the same email account as you signed up with in Docket. Please go back to select your calendar again and select the same account as used during your sign-up with Docket.

Why are events I create within Docket not syncing over to my Google calendar?

Sometimes an organization's G-Suite settings will be configured in a way where adding a Google Meet video conference to an event created in Docket will prevent the entire event from syncing with a Google calendar.

Check your organization's Admin G-Suite settings and confirm that Google Meet is ON for everyone. This will allow you to add a Google Meet video conference when creating an event within Docket and have the event sync to your Google calendar.

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