To sign up for a Docket account using your Google email account:

  • Go to Docket's Sign Up page

  • Select the option to Sign Up with Google

  • Select the Google email account you wish to sign up with

  • If prompted, authorize Docket to sync your calendar so you can see and share events between your Calendar and Docket

That's it! Your new Docket workspace for the account selected will open so you can start making awesome meetings with Docket.

Check out the Docket Quick Start Guide to help you get started using Docket.

Contact Docket using chat or email for questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting the message "Additional Permissions Required?"

When signing up for a Docket account, Docket will request permission to access your Gmail or o365 calendar so that events scheduled to your calendar will display within Docket.

Be sure to check all necessary boxes in the sign up window. (see image below). Once all permissions have been granted, you will be redirected to your newly created Docket account.

Why are some or all of my calendar events not showing when I sign up?
This could be due to several reasons:

  • The email account/calendar you used to sign up for Docket does not have meetings on that account for today. Use the All Meetings button in the upper left corner to change the date and find a day you have meetings or start creating a meeting with the +New Meeting button.

  • The email account/calendar you used to sign up for Docket has multiple calendars and the events you expect to see are on one of the sub-calendars and not the main calendar itself. Docket currently displays the main calendar events only. 

  • The meeting may show on your calendar but your name/email does not display as a meeting guest. If you add your name to the calendar event guest list and refresh Docket, the meeting should now display on your calendar.

Docket Quick Start Guide
Create a New Meeting in Docket

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