Docket Basic offers each person a robust set of tools including options like:

  • Calendar Integrations

  • Docket Toolkit including agenda creation, note-taking, resource repository, and recaps

  • Private Notes

  • Meeting History 

  • Task Management

  • Docket Global Templates 

  • Unlimited Meeting Participants 

In addition, Docket Basic provides access to integrations including:

  • Document Storage

  • Video Conferencing

  • Chat

And for those who wish to use Docket with others, Docket Basic also offers the ability to set up and collaborate with a Docket Team. 

We recognize that even with so many features that Docket Basic offers, there are additional tools that individuals and teams need to support this process. That is why Docket offers a Pro Plan, taking meetings to the next level.

Subscribing to a Docket Pro plan includes additional features including options like:

  • Everything in Docket Basic

  • Custom Template Builder

  • Branded Agendas and Recaps

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my payment get processed?

Docket integrates with Stripe, a secure and trusted payment provider . During the checkout process, you will be temporarily taken to Stripe to checkout and will receive receipts and invoices from Stripe for recurring payments.

What plan options are available?

Currently Docket has three plans including Basic, Pro, and Business. Choose which plan is best for your meeting process.

When will I be billed for my subscription?

Initial billing is immediately charged to your credit card for either the full month or full year plan chosen. Recurring subscription fees will occur exactly every month from that date or yearly from the original date initiated.

What happens if my payment fails?

In the event a payment fails due to reasons such as an expired credit card, our payment processor, Stripe, will retry your payment method. If your payment method does not succeed after a week, you will be moved to Docket Basic.

Can I change my payment method? 

Of course! Simply go to Account Settings and select Update Payment.

Can I add more seats to my plan at any time?

There are several ways to add seats to your plan:

  • Go to Account Settings and select Edit Plan. Add the updated number of seats desired and click Update to check out.

  • Go to Team Settings and your Team section. Invite the desired team members which will automatically update your seats and plan.

After you invite team members to fill those seats, Docket will send them an invitation email for you.

If I have a change in personnel, can I change who is on my Docket team?

Go to your Team Settings and Team section. You can delete a team member which will leave the seat vacant and will free it up to invite a new team member.

How do I delete a seat from my plan?

You can delete seats from your plan if they are no longer needed using Edit Plan to remove the seat and update your plan.  If there is a team member residing in the seat you wish to remove, you will need to delete the team member first but keep in mind this will shift the team member to Docket Basic and their access to Pro features will no longer continue. 

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