Creating a Docket team with those you work with the most will take your meetings to the next level. A Docket team can be made up of a community of people including teammates, related departments, clients, or others you work with most and would like the ability to collaborate and share in your mutual meetings through Docket. Setting up a Docket team will ensure that any teams-related features are automatically activated for anyone on your team.

Building a Docket Team is easy! Follow these steps to:

Prerequisites for Creating a Docket Team

In order to set up a team, this documentation assumes you:

  • Have a Docket user account with a Google or Microsoft account

  • Are not already on a Docket team

Create Your Team

To create a Docket team:

  • Hover over the left-hand side of your Docket account, click the Settings dropdown

  • Select the Team Settings

  • On your Team Settings Page, you can enter the email address of those you wish to invite to your team. When manually typing an email address, Docket will display "no options" until at least two characters after the address "." For example, typing "heather@nimblesquid.d" will return a result of no options but ""

  • You can also select a name from the list of people you've met with most recently¬†

  • Docket will tell you how many guests you have chosen to invite. Click to invite when you are done. You can always add more later!

Those you invite will receive a nice email letting them know you have invited them to Docket and will be able to join your Docket team directly from this email. 

Manage Your Team

Use your Docket My Account page for actions like:

  • Inviting additional teammates

  • Removing teammates

Manage Team

Any time you want to invite or change your teammate list, you can get to your Team Settings page by hovering over Global Navigation slide out on the left-hand side of your Docket workspace and selecting the Settings drop down then choosing Team Settings

Invite More Teammates

Under the section for Team Members, you can add teammates in this modal several ways:

  • Select a name from a list of people you've met with most recently

  • Manually type a name or email address and narrow the list of people you've met with most recently to select from that list

  • Manually type the entire email address of the person you wish to invite

Invitation Statuses

Teammate statuses will show as the following:

  • Invitation Pending - Invitation sent, waiting for teammate to accept

  • Invitation Rejected - Invitation sent and rejected. (Buy them coffee and ask them why they won't join your team)

  • First Last Name - If their first and last name shows, your teammate accepted the invitation to join your team!

When you send an invitation, if an invitee is not already a Docket user, they will show by email address. If they are already a Docket user, they will show by their first and last name.

Remove Teammates

If you wish to remove a teammate from your Docket team, click the trashcan icon to the right of the teammate and confirm you wish to remove them from your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to create a team?
Anyone using Docket can create a team as long as they are not already a part of a Docket team.

How many Docket teams can I be a part of?
Each Docket user account can be a part of a single Docket team.

How many team members may I invite?
There is no limit. You may invite as many as you like to join your team.

Do team members have to be in my domain or even real team members?
Team members can be anyone you work with frequently that you wish to work with you in Docket and share in the team-related features. Whether they are on your team at work, an other department, a contractor or 3rd party, a client, or any other person you collaborate with, they can be on your Docket team.

What if I want to add more teammates to my team after the initial setup?
You can go to your Team Settings page at any time and add more teammates, found on the left-hand side of your Global Navigation slide out under Settings.

How do I remove a teammate?
You can go to your team management page and remove a teammate from your team. Please be aware removing a teammate may change what they can/cannot do to collaborate with you and your team in Docket. Removing someone from your team will be automatic and will send a friendly email to them so they are aware they are no longer on your Docket team.

How does Docket know who I have met most with recently?
This list is perceived from the calendar events you shared with Docket.

Why is Docket not automatically showing me a person I meet with frequently?
Docket will share a list of those you meet with most frequently and most recently from your Google or Microsoft main calendar to try to save you time during the invitation process. If the person is not showing, you can manually type in the address and send them an invitation. 

How will I know if someone I invite accepts the invite?
Docket will show the status of each person in your team management page including Invitation pending, Invitation rejected, and their name if they have accepted and are a part of the team. You will also receive a notification as to whether they have accepted or declined the invitation.

What if someone I invite already uses Docket?
Then they know the ropes! As long as they are not already a part of a team, they can join your team and you can start collaborating together for your meetings!

What if someone I invite is already a part of a Docket team?
They will need to decide if they want to remain on the other team or join yours. (Candy, flowers, and other forms of flattery may be necessary.)

What if I am on a Docket team but I want to create my own team?
You can leave your team in your My Account page. When you return to your main workspace, the option to Create Team will be re-activated and you can follow the steps above to create your team.

What if someone I invite declines the invitation and changes their mind?
You can delete them from the invitation list and re-add them which will resend a new email and in-Docket invitation.

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