Ensure anyone who follows your client records in HubSpot has the most recent meeting information in Docket. When you meet with a client and take notes in Docket, it may be important for others who rely on your CRM for customer contact records to see the Docket meeting notes to help drive conversation, engagement, solutions, and hopefully additional revenue! 

When you choose to save your Docket meeting recap to HubSpot, Docket will look at the attendees in your Docket meeting and match them to your HubSpot records. For any matches it finds, it will save a copy of the Docket meeting to each of the matched records. They will appear in each HubSpot record as a logged meeting.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Understand the pre-requisites for using this integration.

  • Link your HubSpot account to your Docket account. 

  • Send Docket meeting notes to your HubSpot contact records.

  • Troubleshoot issues. 

Pre-Requisites for Using This Integration

This integration assumes you have the following:

  • HubSpot Account

  • Docket Business Tier Account - Follow these instructions to set up a Docket account for your Google or Microsoft account. 

  • You have a Docket meeting with notes that contains a guest or guests that also have a contact account in HubSpot ready to send to their client record in HubSpot.

  • In Docket, hover over the Global Navigation slide out on the left-hand side of your Docket workspace.

  • Click on Integrations.

  • Scroll down to the HubSpot integration and click the option to Connect HubSpot. 

  • HubSpot will ask you to confirm integration permissions including the ability for Docket to read user account information and read/write access to HubSpot Contact records. These permissions enable Docket to match email addresses in a Docket meeting to email addresses in the HubSpot contact record so it can then send and write the meeting notes into the contact record. 

  • Prove to HubSpot you are not a Robot. 

  • Now the HubSpot Integration in Docket is ready to use!

Send Docket Meeting Notes to HubSpot Contact Records

You can send meeting information to a HubSpot contact record when sending a recap. Check the Send to HubSpot checkbox and the recap will go to your client contact records in HubSpot. Docket will remember your most recent selection and default to that option the next time you send a recap.

To send a Docket meeting recap to a HubSpot contact record:

  • Go to your meeting in Docket and take notes.

  • In the Notes tab under Send Recap, click the dropdown and click on Send to HubSpot.

  • A modal will have you confirm your request to send the meeting recap to the customer contact record(s) matched in HubSpot. 

You can now view the meeting recap both in Docket and in the client contact record as a logged meeting in any of the meeting guest HubSpot records. 

To view the meeting in the client contact record in HubSpot:

  • Select a client contact record in HubSpot.

  • View the client's Activity tab. The recently sent meeting will show in their Activity feed labeled as a "Meeting" type.

  • If you sent the meeting at a previous time in which the activity may not be recent enough to display near the top, you can filter under the HubSpot Activity tab to see activities with a Team Activity of "Meeting" to find any meetings logged for that client record or use HubSpot's search to search by title or other content from that meeting.


Why didn't my meeting sync to a customer contact record in HubSpot?
Check to make sure the email address of the guest is identical in the calendar invite and HubSpot. Docket can only make a match if the email address is the same in both the Calendar and HubSpot. 

How do I send a Docket meeting recap if the customer contact record is not yet in HubSpot?
Add the customer contact record to HubSpot and then go back to Docket to push the meeting recap to the new record in HubSpot. 

Why can't I add the HubSpot integration for Docket?
Make sure you have your permissions set up to allow access HubSpot's App Marketplace. Your HubSpot account may need to be configured or granted access to integrate platforms such as Docket.

  • Check your User Preferences located in the upper right-hand corner of your HubSpot account

  • Click the Integrations drop down and select Connected Apps

    • This area will display all of the connected third-party applications to your HubSpot account

  • If you are unable to select this option, you can contact your HubSpot administrator for HubSpot's App Marketplace Access

Will this integration send meeting notes to the customer or just to their HubSpot record?
This integration sends the Docket meeting recap to the HubSpot contact record so if you go to the customer record, you can see the meeting notes in the activity log. It does not send the meeting notes to the customer directly. Follow these steps to send a meeting recap to your meeting guests. 

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