There may be times when a calendar event does not appear in Docket. Here are a few tips on why some of your meetings may not being showing in Docket. This could be due to:

  • A new or recently changed meeting

  • Your email address with which you are logged into Docket is not on the calendar invite

  • Your email address does not show as a guest on the calendar invite

  • You were invited to the calendar invite as part of a group email address rather than an individual

  • The meeting you cannot see is not on your main calendar

  • The meeting is from an auto-generated event

  • The calendar event date and time is different

  • The meeting was cancelled and did not have any content in Docket

  • The account being used was created through another email provider

See below for additional information on each of these scenarios.

(1) New or Recently Changed Meeting

Meetings that are are new or recently changed may not show up in Docket if you have had Docket open while these changes were being made.

An example of this is a meeting that was just created or modified while you were working in Docket.

To have these meetings show in Docket, refresh your page and they should now display. 

(2) Email Address On Calendar Invite 

Verify the email you are using for Docket matches the email address you were invited to the calendar invite. 

An example of this is your company has a domain change where you are invited to the meeting with your old email address and not the new address. 

To have this meeting show in Docket, add your Docket email address to the meeting calendar invite and refresh Docket to see it display.

(3) Email Address Does Not Show As a Guest

Despite the fact you may be the meeting organizer, there may be times that your email address does not actually show on the calendar guest list. 

To have these meetings show in Docket, go to your calendar invite and make sure the email address you use for Docket shows in the meeting guest list. If it does not, add it to the guest list, save the calendar update, and refresh Docket to see the meeting display.

(4) You Were Invited As Part of a Group

When a group is added as a guest, while the calendar may have the identities of that group, Docket does not have the privilege of those details. The best way to ensure your guests will be included in all Docket activities is to have them invited by their direct email addresses individually.

(5) Meetings On Sub-Calendar

Docket displays meetings on your main calendar and not on sub-calendars. (Sub-calendar options are coming soon!)

An example of this is you set up a calendar for team events or marketing publishing schedules. 

To have these events show in Docket, these events will need to show on your main calendar. 

(6) Auto-Generated Events

Events from your calendar may be auto-generated events which will not be available in Docket. 

(7) Verify the Calendar Invite Date and Time

Sometimes we think the meeting date or time is different than the actual date and time scheduled. To be sure, verify the date and time on your calendar is what you expected. It could also be that it was scheduled for a specific day and time and the organizer quickly adjusted it so give that calendar a refresh while you are in there to be sure.

(8) Cancelled Meetings

Meetings that have been cancelled on your calendar will still show in Docket if they have content in the agenda or notes. This is to preserve history and ensure any history tied to that meeting is not lost. 

(9) Account Controlled By Another Provider

If you created a Google account using an account controlled by another provider, depending on which account you use to log into Docket, you may not see the desired calendar events. For example, if you create a Google account using a Microsoft email address and then sign into Docket with your Google account first and switch to sign in with your Microsoft account, Docket will retain the calendar of the Google account. 

If this happens, contact Docket through chat and we can disconnect the undesired account to help you see the preferred calendar.

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