Zoom offers video recording and transcriptions through some of their higher-tiered plans. If you are taking advantage of these plans and features, Docket will automatically save the video recording and/or transcription straight to your Docket meeting as a resource. This automation will: 

  • Save you time having to remember to fetch and save the recording after the meeting is over.

  • Enables meeting guests the ability to easily access the recording and transcriptions in the event they missed the meeting or want a refresh of the discussion.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Prerequisites for the Docket + Zoom integration

  • Enable the Zoom integration for your Docket account

  • Run your Docket + Zoom meeting

  • View the Zoom Cloud Recording and Transcription

  • Uninstall the Zoom integration for Docket

Prerequisites for the Docket + Zoom Integration

In order to use the Docket + Zoom integration, you will need the following:

  • Active Docket account - see Create a Docket Account step below

  • Active Zoom account*  - see Create Zoom Account step below

  • Enabled Zoom integration for Docket - see enable Zoom for Docket step below

*In order to use the Docket + Zoom integration (in-meeting video), any Zoom account/tier will work. However, in order to take advantage of Zoom's cloud recordings and transcriptions in Docket, you will need to be on a Zoom paid tier which includes the cloud recordings and transcriptions. 

Enable Zoom and Docket Accounts

To automatically save your Zoom cloud recordings and transcriptions to your Docket meetings, follow these quick steps:

(1) Create a Docket Account

Docket is a meeting-focused workspace for collaborative agenda creation, decision documentation, and action item tracking. If you do not already have a Docket account, you can sign up here.  For more detail, follow these steps to:

After signing up for Docket, you can use Docket + Zoom Integration to run your Zoom video conferencing straight from your Docket meeting.

(2) Create a Zoom Account

Zoom is a video and audio conferencing solution that offers a variety of options. If you do not already have a Zoom account, you can sign up here.

*Zoom video cloud recording and transcriptions are available in certain Zoom plans

(3) Enable Zoom for Docket

In order to have Docket automatically retrieve your Zoom cloud recordings and transcriptions, Zoom for Docket must be enabled. You can do this several ways:

  • Enable in Docket by signing into Docket and going to your Docket Settings which are found by hovering over the Global Navigation slide out on the left-hand side of your Docket workspace.

  • Select Integrations Settings from the slide out.

  • Scroll down to the Zoom integration and click the option to enable Zoom. 

  • Enable in Zoom by going to Docket for Zoom on the Zoom App Marketplace page and searching for Docket meetings. Select the Docket application and click to enable Zoom for Docket. 

Run Your Docket + Zoom Meeting

Now that you have Docket and Zoom accounts set up, follow these steps to run your Docket meeting with Zoom video conferencing

View the Zoom Cloud Recording and Transcription

Once the meeting is done, the Zoom cloud recording and transcription will display shortly after (there is a potential delay from the time the meeting is over to the time the recording and transcription posts to Docket based on the Zoom integration). You can return back to the Docket meeting and see the recording in the attachments section of your Docket meeting that will contain the Zoom icon with "Zoom Recording" label. 

Uninstall Zoom Integration for Docket

Follow these steps to uninstall Docket app integration with Zoom:

  1. Go to the Zoom App Marketplace page.

  2. Sign into your Zoom account in the upper right corner of the page. If you are already signed in, skip this step.

  3. Click Manage in the upper right corner. 

  4. Click on Installed Apps on the left.

  5. Scroll or search for Docket and click Uninstall.


Why am I not seeing the cloud recording or transcription in my Docket meeting?

Check to verify:

  • You are using a Zoom account on a tier that offers cloud recording and transcription.

  • You completed the steps above to enable Zoom for your Docket account. 

  • You conducted your Docket meeting using your Zoom account. 

  • The meeting has ended. The meeting must be done in order for the recording or transcription to be available. 

  • That some time has passed after the meeting has ended. There can be a delay in the availability of the cloud recording or transcription after the time the meeting has ended. As soon as they are available, they will sync to Docket.

  • You have refreshed your browser window. If you have been in the meeting in Docket and have not refreshed your screen, you may need to refresh your browser window to see the recording and transcription file display. 

Having trouble setting up your Zoom integration for Docket? Email us at info@dockethq.com or use the chat button in the lower left corner of the screen. You can also refer to the Zoom Help Center for answers to common Zoom meeting questions. 

Support is available to all customers Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 pm ET. Target response times for our customers include within 3 hours for Business or a business day for Pro. All other inquiries will receive a response as quickly as possible.

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