Docket meetings are collaborative among participants helping bring everyone together on the same page. There can be times that individuals wish to take notes that are applicable to their eyes only. For this, there are Docket Private Notes.

Private Notes automatically reside at the bottom of each event so that they are accessible in each meeting. They are private to each individual only at all times. You can also see an agenda item header for Private Notes on the table of contents in the Notes tab so you can quickly navigate to this section.

Private Notes Expanded

Private Notes During Meetings

Private notes are 100% private to each individual. Unless you are sharing a screen, others cannot see your private notes in the meeting.

Private Notes in Recaps

When recaps are shared, private notes are not shared. They remain in the meeting for your eyes only.

Assigning Tasks in Private Notes

When taking private notes, you can assign tasks to yourself but not to others in this space. This is to ensure anything marked in this space is private for you.

Sharing Your Screen

If you are sharing your screen and do not wish for private notes to display, simply collapse the private notes section. This will remain collapsed persistently in all of your meetings until you expand the section again at a later time.

Private Notes Collapsed

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