Pssssst....Did you know there are 4 cool things you can do for your meetings using Docket + Zoom together?

Launch Video in Docket | Have a cohesive experience by launching your Zoom video call directly from your Docket meeting.

Collaborate Face to Face | Use Zoom video and tools including sharing and chat while using the Docket overlay so you can stay in one application to both see participants while navigating the agenda and take collaborative notes.

View Again Later | Create alignment by letting Docket auto-save your Zoom recording and transcription to your meeting as a related resource for easy access for post-meeting viewing.

Get Notified | Get even more out of Zoom through Docket by receiving Docket agenda and recap notifications to your Zoom chat.  

Docket + Zoom will make your meetings awesome! Share your story with us!

Happy Meetings!

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