Use Show Attribution in your Docket meeting notes tab to quickly see who authored a line or lines in the meeting. This can help save you time by:

  • Getting context for a meeting note
  • Having the ability to respond or resolve to someone directly
  • Reducing communication clutter by having to ask all meeting guests who added the information


As you create and collaborate with others building an agenda or taking notes, enable Show Attribution for your notes tab so you can see who added notes in a meeting. 

If you want a cleaner workspace, you can Hide Attribution as well.


  • Where to see attribution When activated, all attribution displays for both agenda and notes in the notes tab of the Docket meeting. Attribution will not visibly display for the agenda on the agenda tab.
  • How the note is attributed The editor who enters an agenda item or note will show to the left of the item or note on the notes tab.
  • Attribution by most recent edit Agenda items and notes will show the most recent person who edited that line in the notes tab.
  • Attribution for consecutive lines When an editor has several lines in a row, their name will show on the first row of the section in the notes tab. 
  • Viewing your own attribution When viewing your own agenda items or notes, they will be attributed to "me" instead of your name. All other guests will see your items and notes with your name.

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