Use these steps to create a Docket account to sync with your Microsoft calendar. 

  1. Go to Docket
  2. Click the option to Sign in with Microsoft
  3. Select the Microsoft account that has the calendar events you want to manage meetings in Docket
  4. Click Yes to enable Docket to be able to view and edit events on the calendar of the Microsoft account you selected

That's it! You should see your calendar events from your Microsoft calendar and are now ready to start making awesome meetings with Docket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some or all of my calendar events not showing when I sign in?

This could be due to several reasons:

  • The email account/calendar you used to sign up for Docket does not have meetings on that account. Docket works best with a work email account that has events tied to it on the calendar.
  • The email account/calendar you used to sign up for Docket has multiple calendars and the events you expect to see are on one of the sub-calendars and not the main calendar itself. Docket currently displays the main calendar events only. 
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