Docket wants to help you take the guesswork out of your meetings with these exciting new tools just deployed to your Docket meeting workspace!

Docket Meeting Checklist is there to quickly advise you on what's next for your meeting so you can prepare your guests by setting a clear goal, sharing an agenda, and making sure everyone receives a recap when the meeting is complete. 

Agenda Status is present on each event in the meeting panel so you can easily see which meetings have an agenda ready for your review or which meetings still need an agenda.

Request Agenda can be used to help you communicate directly with the meeting organizer when an agenda is not available so you can have what you need to be prepared for your meeting.

Meeting Countdown Timer is visible at the top of every meeting so all guests can be aware of how much time is left and help keep the meeting on track. This feature has also been available in your Docket Overlay for Zoom meetings as well.

General Notes in Docket Overlay for Zoom enables you to take notes in Docket during a Zoom video call when an agenda was not included (although, how could that happen when you have the Docket Meeting Checklist, Agenda Status, and Daily Digest to remind you?) 😉 

Stop guessing and let Docket be your guide so you can focus on what is important - people and progress.

Happy Meetings!

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