Docket meeting checklist is displayed at the top of each meeting to show the recommended steps behind the science of a good meeting. 

After each step is completed, the dot will show in a complete status. A few other tips to understand how to complete a meeting step in Docket:

  1. Set Goal Ensure your meeting guests know why they are taking the time to come to a meeting by including a goal or purpose for the meeting. As soon as a goal is added to the meeting, Set Goal will indicate the step is completed. 
  2. Create Agenda 73% people think having an agenda is highly important to have a productive meeting! Always create an agenda or collaborate with other guests prior to the meeting to build one together so everyone knows in advance what is expected and how they can contribute during the session. As soon as an agenda item is added to the meeting, Create Agenda will indicate the step is completed.
  3. Share Agenda 71% of meetings do not have written agendas distributed prior to meetings. Share an agenda, even in draft, to engage meeting guests in advance to participate and plan ahead. As soon as the agenda is shared with at least one meeting guest, Share Agenda will indicate the step is completed. 
  4. Take Notes The average employee sits in 62 meetings a month and during those meetings any discussion is a tangible asset that should be captured for future use whether it be for tasks, informing others who were not present, or for historical reference. Encourage others to join the Docket meeting and collaborate in note-taking so that the meeting captures all thoughts and efforts put into the discussion. 
  5. Share Recap Strengthen alignment in decisions across meeting attendees, those that could not attend, and others who would benefit from decisions, tasks, and outcomes. Sharing a recap is a critical step to finalizing the discussion and making sure everyone understood the final, recorded or scribed outcome. 

To collapse the menu, click anywhere on the meeting checklist.
To expand the menu, click on the caret symbol. 

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