Now that you are making your meetings awesome using Docket...want to make them AWESOMER??? Check out today's Docket release!

Task Count helps you easily see how many tasks you have in your Task Manager with a quick glimpse at the top of your Docket workspace. 

Include Resources in Templates to save time locating applicable Resources, including documents and links, each time the template is applied to a meeting.   

Docket Global Templates can get your meeting agenda started quickly. Select from a variety of pre-built templates with the Docket label and customize them to fit your meetings. 

Zoom Chat with other meeting guests when you launch your Zoom meeting straight from Docket.

Zoom Screen Share your Docket meeting agenda, notes, and other resources when you launch your Zoom meeting straight from Docket. 

Docket + Zoom Overlay is now available for both the meeting guest and facilitator. View your Docket agenda and take notes while enjoying the power of the Zoom video, chat, and screen share options that help you run your awesome meetings.

Happy Meetings!

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