Managing tasks assigned to you in your Docket meetings just got easier thanks to Docket Task Manager!

Tasks Help Everyone Stay Aligned

View your tasks using the new My Tasks link in the upper right corner of your meeting workspace. You can see any task assigned to you and mark them complete which will immediately reflect in the meeting it originated from and keep everyone aligned on the task status. 

Tasks Help You Be Transparent

You can quickly get from the task to the meeting for additional context or to make changes to the task so the meeting remains in sync with any changes you make. This transparency helps your team, client, and other meeting guests know where a task stands at all times. 

Tasks Make Meetings More Productive

Reviewing progress in a recurring meeting? Using Docket Meeting History, you can quickly review outstanding tasks with your client or team and collaboratively check things off the list.

Docket Task Manager will take tasks from meetings to the next level. Share your story using the chat button in the lower right corner of your Docket meeting workspace and let us know how Task Manager is helping improve your team and client meeting alignment, transparency, and productivity.

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