You will start receiving a Docket Daily Digest each morning to help you prepare for your day of meetings.

Daily Digest An email notification will show you your daily events so you can know which meetings you need to:

  • Create agendas
  • Review agendas
  • Read pre-read materials tied to a Docket meeting
  • See who or how many will be attending each meeting

Personalized Settings Control the Daily Digest emails via your Docket in-app Settings. 

IMPORTANT: To start receiving a Docket Daily Digest, all you need to do is log into Docket. Once you log in, you will begin to receive your digest the following morning.

We look forward to hearing how Docket Daily Digest helps you and your meeting guests have greater visibility into your day to make the most of your time spent in meetings. Give us your feedback any time using the chat button in the lower right corner of your Docket workspace. 

Happy Meetings!

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