The way to getting the most out of your meetings is being prepared and Docket can help you know exactly what you need to do ahead of your day.

Docket Digest is an email notification that will show you exactly what's on the Docket!

Daily Digest notifications are emailed to everyone Monday through Saturday and show details for each day individually. The Weekly Digest is provided on Sundays to give you a full outlook of your week.

Digest Details

Docket Digest provides just the right amount of details to give you insight to your day or to your week.

Meeting Title 

Meetings display in order of your day and the title from the calendar invite displays so it is clear what meetings you have ahead. 

Meeting Time

The meeting time is listed according to your calendar timezone settings. 

Meeting Guests

The avatar or initials of the meeting guests will display so you can see in advance who will be in attendance. If there are too many to list, the Docket Digest will show you the additional number of guests that will be attending. 


When attachments (files, Google docs, and links) have been added as a resource in the Docket meeting, the number of resources will display on the applicable meeting as a paperclip with the number of resources. This will help you know if there are any documents you might wish to review prior to the meeting. 

See the article Resources in Docket for more information.

Quick Actions

Each meeting card will display a button with a quick action to either View Agenda or Create Agenda.

View Agenda indicates there is an agenda already started and is ready for you to review or collaborate with others to continue preparing for the meeting. Click on the quick action button and go straight to the meeting to start working on or reviewing what is on the agenda. 

Create Agenda indicates that no agenda has been started. This is a good time to go to that meeting and get that agenda started. 

The experience for a meeting organizer versus a meeting guest can differ slightly on the Docket Digest. 

  • If you are the meeting organizer and there is no agenda started, the quick action will say, "Create Agenda." 
  • If you are the meeting organizer and there is an agenda started, the quick action will say, "View Agenda." 
  • If you are not the meeting organizer, whether there is an agenda started or not, the quick action will say, "View Agenda." 

Recurring Meeting Indicator

If a meeting on your Docket Digest is a part of a recurring meeting series, it will display the recurrence symbol to the right of the meeting title. 

Video Conferencing Indicator

If a meeting on your Docket Digest has video conferencing scheduled for it, it will display a video icon to the right of the meeting title.

Tip: If more than one video conferencing icon displays, it is recommended you remove the unwanted conferencing link directly in your calendar event to ensure your guests are not confused about which to use.


When you have tasks due today, these will display at the bottom of your Digest. 

You can click on any task directly from your Digest and it will take you to the meeting for more context, to edit the content or due date, or to mark the task complete. 

Other Information

The Docket Digest is run daily at 7:00 am ET and will pull in meetings and tasks based on your Docket calendar at that time. If you have a meeting cancel, move during or after the Digest is run, or add or change tasks during the time the Digest is running, the email may not reflect these changes. 


You can change your Docket preferences to indicate whether you would like to receive the Docket Digest via email. To change this setting:

  • Go to Account Settings
  • View your Email Notifications
  • Check or Uncheck the checkbox to the left of Daily Digest. Checking the Daily Digest checkbox will mean you will receive a Daily Digest. Unchecking the checkbox will prevent the Daily Digest from coming to your inbox. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not receiving a Daily or Weekly Digest?
Check your settings to make sure your Docket email notifications are activated. Go to:

  • Account Settings
  • View the Email Notifications section. If the Daily Digest box is unchecked, this means the digest notification is deactivated. Check the box and you will start receiving notifications the next morning.

Why is there a Google Meet video call on my meeting?

Google calendar automatically adds a Google Meet video call link to any meeting with more than one attendee. Whether the meeting is scheduled directly on your calendar or in Docket and synced to your calendar, Google calendar will add this video link automatically.

To remove it, go to the event on your calendar, delete the Google Meet link, and refresh your Docket browser tab to reflect the updated information.

To change this setting, follow the instructions on Google's support site to Manage Meet links on calendar events.

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