The Docket meeting panel is designed to enable you to find meetings fast so you can see what you need to do to prepare for your meetings. These meetings display based on your email account (Google or Microsoft) you signed up for using Docket.


There are several different views of the meeting panel including:

Today View
All of your meetings TODAY from your main Google or Microsoft calendar.

All Meetings View
All of your meetings for THIS WEEK from your , until you make additional selections in this view.


The meeting panel is comprised of several sections. 

On the TODAY view, you can view meetings in from the following filters:

Today's Meetings
See all of your meetings TODAY from your main Google or Microsoft calendar. If you have more than 5 meetings in Today's view, click "See All" to see the rest of your meetings.

View and quickly jump to any 1:1's you have scheduled this week so you can prepare in advance for those meetings.

Recently Edited
View up to 4 of the most recently edited meetings so you can quickly return to working on the agenda or notes from that meeting.

On the ALL MEETINGS view, you can view meetings with the following options:

Current Week (Default)
When you first select "All Meetings," the view will change to show you all meetings in the current week.

Date Selector
Use the date selector to change the dates of your meetings view and quickly jump forward or backward as needed. There are quick action buttons on the left or you can manually pick dates from the calendar on the right.

TIP: To view a range of consecutive dates, select a date and drag across additional dates until you have a range selected. 

Date selector quick actions include:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • This Month
  • Last Month


Meeting Card Color Indicators
A meeting will show faded to indicate it is past its' date and time.

A meeting will show light blue to indicate it is upcoming. 

A meeting will show bold to indicate it is currently selected.

Meeting Card Icons

Meeting is part of a recurring meeting series - A meeting card for a recurring meeting will display a symbol to the right of the meeting title. 

Agenda status - A meeting card that has at least one agenda item will display a symbol to the far right of the meeting card.


Meetings that display in Docket will come from your main Google or Microsoft calendar. 

If you have access to more than one calendar (sub-calendars) in your email account. these events do not currently display.

Additional Email Accounts
In order to see events from multiple email accounts,  create a separate Docket account for each and logout/login as needed.


You can collapse the meeting panel to give you more room to work in your meeting workspace or to give more privacy to your calendar when sharing your screen. 

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